Friday, March 2

I Think I Thought I Knew

Yes I know this has little to no relevance to the post but it is an awesome shot
(even if I do say so myself)
After managing to successfully waste most of Miss Nearly Two's sleep I am finally getting around to my whole reason for sitting in front of this silly screen that seems to suck hours out of my life.  Well actually it hasn't done that for quite some time.  Well apart from just now...

Anyway.  The point is I am finally writing.  Yes I know that makes it sound like weeks, or possibly even months since I last wrote and the reality is only a few days, but it honestly feels like forever since I just wrote.  The list of posts I want to write is quite extensive at the moment.  In fact it is constantly growing, which I think is why it feels like an eternity since I last posted anything decent, rather than the reality that was last week.  

Mind you that brings with it a range of problems as well.  What if that was my peak?  What if that is as good as I can get for a while?  Because quite frankly between then and now I have had little to offer so I can't help but wonder.

But I digress, that is not where this post is meant to be heading.  The fact that the above mentioned child looks like stirring has reminded me that I must get on with it all.  I am sure that now I have throughly inspected all tweeting activity of those I follow as well as gone through a few junk email folders that I didn't really know existed I will be able to blog to a much higher level.

Earlier this morning when I was once again ensuring that all was as it should be in Twitterland I saw the lovely Miss Cinders share a post about what she knew.  This was exciting for a few reasons.  The first being I believe the lovely lady in question to be rather well informed on a number of issues so naturally I am excited when she shares this knowledge.  The second was she seemed to be hinting at the return of Things I Know.  Which if you are a long time regular will know is a little meme I liked to join in last year over at Yay for Home.  Only at the start of this year she passed it on to Kellie who shortly after needed a bloggy break.  So the possibility that my reason to write on a Friday was returning was also pretty exciting for me. (Yes yes I know that there was nothing actually stopping me from still writing on a Friday but we all know my love of a good linky)

As much as I wanted to drop everything and write an awesome TIK post I did the right thing and fed the children and then bundled them off to school.  All the while thinking of what witty and amusing things I knew that I could share with my avid readers.

Instead of the quick dash and run I had planned I got caught chatting to numerous lovely parents and what not and before I knew it most of the, morning had disappeared and sleep time was fast approaching.  Always being one to seize opportunity I cancelled the regular visit to mum and took the scenic route home ensuring child feel asleep and I got to gain inspiration from the foreshore in all is wet weather glory.

All was going to plan until I actually sat down to write.  

My brain was in overdrive with all the things it thought it knew.  Stuff like

I know I should be hanging out the washing but sitting here is totally a better idea.
I know I should be making the most of sitting here by writing but deleting old emails is also important.
I know I should be coming up with something better to know.

Genius right? Well I am sure if I had of kept going there would have been something special in there somewhere.

Anyway it is all a bit of a moot point because when I went to get the address for to link to Miss Cinders I discovered that she had taken what she knew down.  A bit of investigation through Facebook indicates that I think someone else may also have been helping Kellie out.  

Looking on the bright side though at least I have now done some writing.  Which feels nice.  I am slowly discovering that when I am not writing, regardless of what I actually write, I feel this awful bleh feeling encompass my body and it is not exactly very nice.

Still trying to look for positives my absence here as not been without productivity elsewhere.  I finally got my crochet hook out and made a little bag.  A rough and shonky little bag that will only be loved by my children.  But loved it is and make it I did so nothing else is of much concern.  

For now though I must bid you adieu, the sleeping child is no longer actually sleeping and my list of things to do is only growing the longer I sit here.  And while I may not be able to link up with the things I know, I can still go a good flogging over at Where's My Glow


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  1. Hehehehehe, you're gorgeous, you know that! I love when your posts seem to link directly to my brain!


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