Sunday, March 4

Fairy Wishes & Butterfly Kisses

That is what I believe in and love to freely share with one and all.

What makes me just blurt that out I hear you ask?

Well of course it is Eden and her Fresh Horses Brigade link up that gives a weekly prompt to write about. This week the prompt is I believe.
Eden, the feather photographing guardian angel believer, sent to create hope and strength amongst many.
Eden, the blogging wonder that touches the lives of probably many more than she realises.
Eden, the creator of a movement that sees women looking inside themselves and finding a way to accept or challenge all that they see.

When it comes to what I believe  in I don't actually know where to begin.

I believe in fairies, fairy winkles, leprechauns, elves, magical beings of many descriptions and of course unicorns.

I believe in good, and therefore bad. You know ying and ylang and all that. Life is balancing act with equal and opposite reactions being found everywhere. If there is a heaven there has to be a hell and so on and so forth.

I also believe there is some sort of godly being that looks down over it all.  I actually think that there may be more than one of these guys, or gals, or perhaps a combination of both.  I think that there is quite possibly a range of deities that created a variety of belief systems for people to follow and gain strength from in times of desperation when faced with the need for answers for unanswerable things.

I am not really very comfortable with assigning to a religion though.  Actually I think that all religions have some serious flaws in them.  However they serve a rather importance role in society.  Religion provides people with something to believe in.  And let's face there are some days we just wouldn't get through if we didn't have something to believe in.

Sometimes however it is necessary to do more than just believe.  Some times you need to call on faith as well.  It is faith that sees you through the times of most need.
You know the times when you are sure there are forces out to get you. When all the odds seem to be stacked up against you and if you defeat them you stand stronger and taller than every before. It is faith that gets you through then. 

 Faith in whatever it is you have chosen to believe in, be it ghost cats, rays of sunshine or anything in between, will have the power to make it all ok in the end.

Due to my concerns with some aspects of most religions I don't actually assign to any one in particular.  But I guess I am what some would call as Spiritual.  What I do like to believe in though are the Powers That Be. 

For me the Powers That Be consist of a bit of everything, God, Fairies, Guardian Angels, passed over loved ones, and whatever else is floating around that likes to help out good people such as myself.   Oh and if there was a spell that could help then I would definitely give that a go as well.
In times of trouble and some times just because, they get together and try to work out the best solution for you.  They may offer a range of options or variations based on your actions and choices.

Of course sometimes they won't do anything till you have asked for help. For as much as they are there to guide and protect us there comes occasion when they need to know you actually want some help. 

Life is always about communication.

I must say that I do feel incredibly blessed. The Powers That Be have done a wonderful job in guiding and protecting me. There have been many times when I have given them thanks for their kind gestures and opportunities.  

 I have faith that when I need it, help is there, if I only think to ask.  For some reason, and let me tell you I just don't know why, I don't seem to think I need it very often and don't think to ask when perhaps I should.


  1. Beautiful post. I can't imagine living a life without Faith and Believing in Wonderous Things. We get so caught up in routine that we often fail to see the magic in rainbows, sunsets and all of nature's glory. I, too, have problems with religion. I'd call myself more spiritual. Three cheers for fairy wishes and butterfly kisses xxx

  2. Awesome post have such a wonderful way with words. I have trouble with organised religion too and I think I fit into the spiritual side as well...even if it is ghost cats!! (thanks for the link ;)

  3. I don't do organised religion either and consider myself an agnostic Buddhist. I like to think that there is a collective spirit that looks after us, whatever that may be.
    That is an awesome photo too! xx


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