Monday, March 19

Wish Me Luck!

Yep that's right people I am giving it another go this year!

Last year it was an eleventh hour decision to enter.  And when I say eleventh hour, I mean minutes before the cutoff time.  In my mind leaving it to the last minute made it an easy excuse for not getting anywhere.   This year it is almost the polar opposite.  Well at least in terms of when I decided to enter.

This year saw me have my name on the nominee list within hours of nominations opening.  I was not giving myself the chance to question whether I was even worthy of entering.  No crazy self doubting notions allowed.  If the Sydney Writers' Centre didn't weren't interested in finding as many blogs as possible they wouldn't have sent me so many emails telling me how to enter.

Mind you know I am wondering if I have entered in the right category.  To some the obvious choice may have been easy for a blog called A Parenting Life.  However the Parenting category is not where I put myself.  I really wanted to be able to enter the Words and Writing section but I knew that wasn't really the best fit.  I mean technically any blog with words on it could enter but I think the judges may be looking for more than that.  Instead it was the Personal/Lifestyle box that I ticked.

When I first started my Internet writing journey I focused on sharing what I knew.  Which back then was how to created a happy early childhood.  Parenting for me, till then had been a breeze, and I thought I had it all in the bag.  So much so that I should share it with the world at large.

A Parenting Life was originally created with the notion that it would be a place for parents to come for all things parenting.  A little hub of information, if you will, you know with craft activities, recipes, great advice, ahhh...the possibilities.

Clearly though that is not quite how it has turned out.  Which is fine.  It has some of those aspects that I thought it would but it also has many others as well.  What it is not though is all about parenting.  It is about much more.  It is a way of life.  My life.  Personal Lifestyle just seemed more fitting.

Anyway now that I am entered I have until April 13 to make sure I am looking my very very best.  Which actually works quite well for me.  I have been thinking about changing things for a few weeks now so this will be the incentive that I need.

On that note there is some editing I must be getting to.  Make sure you pop back soon and check out the new edition


Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you, thanks for stopping by, it really means a lot, you taking the time so say hi. I try as much as I can to write a reply but if for some chance I don't get to it please know that I always read them.