Monday, March 12

Trying to Make it Matter

Last post I mentioned that I was in somewhat of a bad mood.  If you know me well you know that really that doesn't happen very often but when it does.  OMG.  Not a happy place to be.

I know in the post I said I wasn't really sure why I was letting the grumps take control of me.  Part of me thinks that it is because of my neglect of writing.   Granted it has been a busy week, helping the canteen, after school meetings to start planning a camp, not to mention play dates, housework, shopping and trying to learn how to run.  However.  There have been times when I have found myself with a few odd minutes here and there to spare.  Time when I could have seen what words were going to flow from the pool that is my brain.  Only I have stupidly wasted the time playing mindless games.

Old habits can be hard to break.  I had been doing well for a while though and I will do well again.  I just need to remember to Make it Matter.  While the meme may have been put to rest for a while I am still actively making various aspects of my life matter.

I am slowly easing into being able to run 5km, thanks to my fancy app.  I also have a boot camp one by the same developers which I am looking forward to introducing myself to this week.  I can not begin to explain how awesome it feels to be able to say I went for a run.  Sure it is still not a fast or long run but a run is a run and it is all better than sitting on the couch.  Or at the computer.

For the most part I have been able to stay on top of the washing and dishes.  However when the washing machine went on strike last week everything seemed to slide.  Hopefully the repairman will be able to help get it all back on track tomorrow.  Naturally we have a week of rain forecast so getting it dry will be a fun challenge of it's own.

There are a heap of posts that I hope to get sorted this week.  Things like a bit of fiction from days gone by as well as a few interesting viewpoints I have come across recently.  There is also a stellar idea about the price we pay to participate in sport.  Then there is also the birthday preparations as we are about to enter one of our peak celebration times.  Five birthdays and Easter all within a month.  Crazy.

Somewhere in amongst all of that I hope to spend some more time honing my crochet skills and having a good hard look at myself.  The wind of change is blowing once again my friends.  I am feeling somewhat inspired and trying to be particular positive so I am thinking that perhaps now is a good time to ensure I am heading in the right direction.  Or at the very least ensure I know what direction I want and need to be heading in.

Busy, busy, busy.  I almost feel overwhelmed thinking about it all.


  1. I know what it feels like to be grumpy when you aren't normally like that - and you are right, it isn't a nice place to be. Try not to be over whelmed by all that you have to do = prioritise and take it one thing at a time - or two at a time if you can multi-task !!!!

    You sound like you have a really busy month ahead of you - take a nice deep breath and then do what you need to do. And remember, there are things that need to be done and things that we want to get done - very seldom are they the same - do what needs to be done and leave the others until you are less stressed and pushed for time.

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. Its hard wehn you have lots on your plate, so easy to get upset and down, and drained.
    I hope you get some time to recharge the batteries, and chill.


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