Sunday, March 4

Thankful For What the Future Will Hold

It's 2017 and all is well with the world.  Thankfully the prophets were wrong and the world did not end December 2012.  That's not to say there haven't been a few environmental scares.  Mother Nature continually reminds all of her power and strength. I am so very thankful that those I hold dear have thus far escaped relatively unscathed.  The loss has been horrific but appears to be bringing change in behaviours.

Our dream of living rural has finally occurred.  When the time was right the planets aligned and it all just fell into place.  We still have the townhouse.  I don't think I could ever let go of that dream come true.  The peace I have found on the land is amazing and I truly feel at one with the world.

The children have all flourished with the extra space and fresh air.  I just love the extra space and even though I was initially concerned about how I would maintain such a large house, but it has turned out much easier than expected.  Though we do have a lot less stuff now.

Life is good.  Life has been good.  I still marvel each and every day that I am so incredibly blessed.

Of course there have been a few tough times over the years.  There has to be.  Otherwise we would never be able to enjoy or even recognise the good times.  Thankfully though we were all able to call upon our strength and courage when we were inevitably faced with our fears.  Walking away having gained but not without some sort of loss.

Being a published author is cooler than I ever imagined.  I still pinch myself when I see all three of my books for sale.  What's even more exciting is that Miss L's first book will be coming out shortly.  She is one of the most amazing nearly sixteen year old's ever.  A mother couldn't be prouder.

For a while I thought she may have pushed me beyond unknown limits but thankfully it turns out my mothering skills kicked into top gear when needed most.  Every relationship is a journey, bumps and all.  She has helped me to grow as a person as much as I her and it has been wonderful to be a part of it all with her.

Miss Z and Miss T are of course equally awesome.  Everything about them though is a lot calmer than Miss L ever was and probably will be.  That don't seem to have the anger she does.  Mind you the horses have brought about great change in her attitude.

Did I mention life felt like a dream?

Our best friends living a stones throw away.  We share a rather large block of land with them.  We virtually live off the land.  We make money from camping expeditions and showing others how we sustain our living.  It has been a long haul but there has not been a day I have regretted it.

We home school which is made easier by school of the air.  For me it is a dream come true.  For hubs it is a flash recall of his childhood.  Of course school of the air has changed a bit since then.  I love all the time of us being together.  It is not just the children who have gained an education.  I will hopefully soon have a degree under my cap.

Most of all though, as I look back over the years I am thankful for the loving man beside me all this time.  He truly helps me to be a better me.  Often without even realising it.  Actually it is often without thought that he says the most moving of things.  He is what makes living something to enjoy.  That and the fact I know I get to spend the rest of my life with him and our beautiful children.

Joining in with Kate Says Stuff for her Thankful Thursday Meme.  
Which thankfully she keeps open all week as clearly Thursday has been and gone.

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  1. I love the sound of your life in 2017! A friend and I recently opened a bottle which contained letters we'd written in 2001 to be opened in 2011. It was fascinating reading!!


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