Monday, March 26

Making IT Matter

Now I guess it has been a while since I have stopped and shared what I have been making matter.  Rest assured this is not because I not been making the time to make things matter.  In fact it is the complete opposite.  I have been in overdrive making sure that wherever possible I am making what I do matter.

It has been at times incredibly exhausting, but it has always been rewarding, and I am rather glad of my new found levels of effort.  I can honestly only see things going up from here.  Life is nothing but full of positives and I am ready to embrace it with all that I have.  

Recently I have found myself being able to make the time for a number of new activities and I can not understand why I have not made such a time before.  Like running.  These past four weeks were I have made the time to go running have been awesome.  Each day I run I feel stronger and faster than the day before.  In four short weeks I have exercised for over fifty kilometers.  I am still a bit away from being a full time runner but I know it won't be too long before I will be able to say I run 5km a day.

As I was recently lucky enough to win a copy of Then Came You Over at The Surprise Beginning I am about to make time to read it.  I arrived home today to see it sitting on my doorstep.  Next to it sat another parcel from some kind PR Lady who wondered the other week whether I would like to try out some beauty products.  Didn't I tell you that life was good?

Unfortunately the last week has not seen me make much time for writing.  Which was a little disappointing but totally understandable given how large a week it was.  Not to mention all the things I didn't blog about.  Like surprise cakes, parachute jumps and Harmony Day International Markets at school and about a hundred other things.

Anyway this is a new week and moving forward is what I do.  Plus since I am currently making the time to write now all is easily forgiven.  There are a number of other things that I put on hold so I could make the time to write.  One of which is reading the above mentioned book.

So that brings me to what it is exactly this week that I will add to my list of mattering.

  • I really want to focus a great deal of this week on the blog.  I want to make sure that when the people from the Sydney Writer's Centre swing on by to check out my nomination for best blog 2012 I am looking my best.  As such I hope to complete an awesome post each and every day this week.  Since I have five titles already lined up this should be achievable.
  • Running will naturally still be a strong focus and continue to matter every other day.
  • Maintaining harmony between the girls.  Miss Nearly Elven is not always as tolerant and patient as I would like her to be with her younger sisters.  The greatest shame in this is that when she wants to she is the kindest, caring big sister I have ever seen.
  • Keeping Mount Washmore at bay and ensuring the kitchen remains free from the perils that can come when faced with towers of dishes.
I am tempted to add a few more but I must remember not to push myself too hard too fast.  Something running has taught me.  It is all about pace.  Not wining, not losing.  Just getting there in the end and hopefully getting there faster than last time.  

When I look back to what my life was like six months ago, I see chaos and disorder.  Which sure is still around, but now it seems more manageable.  I feel more in control and able to do things then ever before.  Which is strange because I have never really felt out of control either.  

Anyway I hope that you take the time to make something matter this week as well.  You will be surprised with the difference it can make.


  1. You're doing such a wonderful job with your running!! I can't wait to read all your wonderful posts for this week :)

  2. Thanks Nicole, it really does feel great, I just love how I can feel myself get faster and stronger each time I get out there.

  3. i love how you admit it is exhausting working on all these things but that they are rewarding. I am impressed with your running and am looking forward to reading what you have in store this week.


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