Tuesday, February 28

Me & YOU Making IT Matter

Hello and welcome to another Me & YOU Monday where we Make it Matter.   
My name's Rhianna and I am your hostest with the mostest (even if I do say so myself).   
Seriously though I want to thank you for taking the time to have a read 
I really hope that you take the opportunity to find something in your life 
that you want to make matter and join in. 

Thanks to Nicole and Becky for joining in last week.  I can't begin to explain the types of warm and fuzzy I feel when I see people have linked up. (No pressure)

Last week I was a little AWOL in sharing what I was going to make matter.  I just couldn't seem to get my head around focusing on just one thing.  There is so much that I want to make matter.  I guess more than anything I want to make my life matter.  All of it, and in every possible way.  Nothing like high expectations is there?

But really doesn't it make sense to have a life that matters?  Isn't that what life itself is all about?

I know that in many ways my life does matter.  I know that I am valued and needed by the kidlets, hubs, and a whole bunch of other people.  I know that most of what I do, does in some way already matter and that is great but I just know there is more that can be done.

It is no secret that life is a tricky balance.  In fact the key to life is in fact working out that balance.  Finding an equilibrium that ticks all the boxes and gets it all done is one of life's great mysteries.  One that may never be unearthed but one that still needs to be searched for.  It gives us something to aim for which is what we all need.  A goal.

I still haven't worked out my goal for this week.  Like I said before there is just so much I want to do.  So much to make matter.  Housework, quality time with children, health, personal development, the list is pretty much endless.  

The other week I came up with ten things that mattered.  They were broad and far reaching but all important and all things that in some way or another I managed to make matter just a little more.  They are things that will constantly matter and need to always be at the forefront of my mind.  They are life habits that I still need to form. 

Anyway enough about me, what about YOU?  What is it in your life that you want to make matter?

I hope that you will come and join in, it is super, super easy.
  1. Have a look at your life 
  2. Find something that you want to make matter a little more
  3. Blog about it
  4. Spend a week (or more) consciously making it matter a little more
  5. Blog about it again
  6. Share the posts here
  7. Tell all your friends and get them to do the same, tweeting about it as you go
The link is open all week so make sure you pop back to see what is mattering to others.

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