Tuesday, January 14

Yay I am back on track!

Man oh man oh man!

Talk about chasing your tail.

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I guess it all really started this time last week. I had the most perfect post idea in my head but I just couldn't seem to get it out and nor could I get anything else out till this was done. Oh the drama of writer's block.

It is no secret that I am huge #IBOT fan. I just love blogging on a Tuesday (and let's face it who doesn't). Only being all prepared with scheduled post seems to have eluded me of late. And only made worse by the fact I decided to test myself with a little let's blog everyday challenge. Which in case you were wondering isn't exactly going to plan.

However thanks to some blog post cramming and back dating (I will spare you all the gory details, you're welcome) this post will now see me back on track and able to at least portray the perception I blogged every day for a while. 

Why this is important to me I do not know but it is. And one thing I have come to realise about this little old blog is that at the end of the day I do it all for me. So while most other bloggers are turning to the slow blogging movement I am here punching out post after post in the hope it will somehow make me a better writer. 

Practise makes perfect right?

Having said that though it has been a big morning at the office with these two little beauties already being published 

leaving me somewhat drained of inspiration for this post. 

But that is ok because I feel all kinds of awesome for still being able to pretend I have written every day. The fact that I have shared my failings and back dating palaver means I am able to continue on because I have been all open and transparent. I am nothing if not honest. And perhaps just a little crazy.

So what about you? 
Any crazy new year's ideas you are trying to live up to or did you let it slide by the way side like I most possibly should have?

Do you blog on Tuesdays with Jess?
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