Sunday, January 12

I must confess it is not really Sunday

Though you already know that because chances are you are reading this on a Monday. I say that chances are because as I write Sunday has been and gone and while the likelihood of a Sunday coming back is relatively high, Sunday January 12th 2014 will not be returning. That is the down side to most days, they are a never to be repeated offer, hence the importance of making the most of them.

Which I quite possibly didn't  do on particular day. Sunday 12th January was neither here nor there in terms of exciting events that you may or may not want to relive. The were the standard fun and games of parenting, a ridiculously early morning trip to the airport to deposit my mother and some couch napping. Nothing outstandingly brilliant to remember or forget. Just another day really.

Mind you the chances that you are reading this on a Monday have greatly changed as well. On account of it now being Tuesday and all but on I will go.

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So what am I going on about I here you scream from the comforts of where ever it is you are reading this?

Well last year I set myself the task of seeing how many days in a row I could post for. In case you were wondering this is how long it lasted. Needless to say as this year rolled out I noticed a similar trend to last and thought I would give the whole let's see how long I can post for another go.

Being the footloose and fancy free girl that I am I didn't put much thought into it at first, I just tried to post every day. Only by day six I had realised that day five saw me post somewhere other than here so had I broken the rules and failed my task or could it still count because I did still post on one of my blogs?

As a prime excuse maker and rule bender I went with it was all still on. At not even a week in I didn't want to be walking away. I know that I have wonderful readers that don't mind if I don't post something every day but there is an internal part of me that wants to make sure I write every day and at this point in time my only motivation to write is if I know it is going to be posted somewhere.

Yes my ego apparently constantly needs stroking so what?

Anyways as you may have worked out by now I am falling even further behind in my desire to post every day. The first real missed day it was easy to justify back dating. However it is now on the verge of spiralling out of control. Which is why I am confessing this all with Kirsty today.

The prompt for this week was to confess your goals for this year. Which just quietly I may not have really done yet other than this whole let's see how long I can post daily for and we are all seeing how well that has turned out. I have been stuck on deciding the whole word for the year thing

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

On the upside at least this is all providing me with another opportunity to practice my let's-not-beat-myself-up mantra and I now have a post for Sunday and it is only Tuesday meaning I can still justify my back dating, don't ask me how, I just can.

What about you how are your new year goals and resolutions going?

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