Saturday, January 25

Snapshots of Us Week 2

Last week I threw caution into the wind and jumped on board Practising Simplicity's 52 Project. And honestly I walked away with mixed reactions.

I do love the idea of of ensuring I have taken regular photos of the kidlets. You can never have too many copies of photos of your children stored it various forms. The 52 Project goes a long way to making that easy.

As a regular reader you will have heard me harp on no end about my love joining in with linkies. One of the reasons I love them so is because you get to cruise around the web and share in lots of comment love. Unless of course it is a linky where you share photos of your kids. Apparently no comments are necessary.

Which I must admit I find kind of weird. But whateves. Just means I don't need to actually link up. I can just post beautiful weekly photos of my girls. In the weeks I remember to take their photo of course.

Which thankfully managed to happen this week.

Selfies with Lovely.

Lovely taking selfies while she waited in the car. 

Zany and Teapot waiting at a bus stop. There was an adventure to be had.

A mum with her Little Two. It always makes me smile to see my dimple.

 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg


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