Sunday, January 19

Snapshots of Us Week 1

It is ridiculously early here. And by that I mean just gone 5.30. Which alright, is not quite stupid o'clock but it is not far from it especially for a Sunday.

I have been awake for over an hour, there was a little person (Zany) who decided that my bed was far more comfortable than her own. Which she is incredibly right about. It is. I know because I tried laying in it after she invaded mine. Mental note to look for an online bedding company to sponsor me. 

Anyway, here I am gleefully in front of my beloved Mac surrounded by silence. Save for the old gently breeze and left over rain drops from the last monsoonal downpour.

As I began wondering through my various feeds seeing who had posted what since last I dropped in I came across Karen's post for today. I too have often thought of trying to keep track of regular snap shots but for whatever reason (probably my laziness) it just never happens.

Amazingly this week saw me snapping a few shots of the girls while we were checking out the big waves on the jetty. Which means I am able to join in this week with Practising Simplicity's The 52 Project

Zany looking out to sea to see how far she could not see
Lovely, contemplating whether she has what it takes to be a model
Teapot, just doing what she does, making my heart melt
 I am still contemplating whether I will go back and post for weeks one and two of the project. It is not like I am adverse to back dating posts if the need arises. Particularly if it encourages me to complete a challenge. Either way I hope I remember to take a few snaps so I will be back next week.
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  1. Really beautiful photos Rhianna. I think this post will be treasured. Thats the cool thing with blogging you can do what you want to if you felt like going back in time you can.x

    1. Yep I agree that is the greatest part of the blog. The fact it is somewhere my story can be told and held on to for a later date


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