Tuesday, January 7


With the new year well and truly here now, most people have got their inspirational and motivational post for the year out. You know the one where they go on about all the wonderful things that they hope to accomplish and all that they hope to be the whole year through and all that blah blah blah?

Of course we all know by now that I am not like most people. In fact I wonder if most people really are like most people? You know on account of all the differences that we all have, but already I am getting off track.

Come the first of January I tried to be like most people and sat down to write a post about the wonders of the new year and all that it would hold. Really all I did was welcome 2014 and whinge about not having enough money or being able to get a dream job. Go me.
"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." Perspective defines how you see the world, and the decisions you make in response to situations which may arise.
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I know at the end of the post I hinted about maybe having the word perspective as my word of the year. An idea that I have toyed with for nearly a week now. So much so that I have even named this post (well at least tentatively while I try and get it written) with the notion of it being about perspective.

Yet something doesn't quite feel right about it. And by something I mean, actually I have no idea exactly what I mean. Which quite frankly is driving me bonkers because for the most part I am certain I am on to something (provided of course I work out what that something is)

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Now I know that there are few sureties in this crazy old world of ours but one thing that is relatively common is the fact that we all have varying perspectives. That is not to say similar perspectives aren't shared amongst people, because they are, but to me it is the differences that need greater consideration, acknowledgement and acceptance. Which I think for me is what I want to focus on this year.

The way other people look at the world at large. Their perspective. The way they see things differently from myself. While it might just be some fleeting half brained idea, the notion that there is much to be learned from our differences keeps bouncing around my pretty little head.

My list of faults is long and tedious. I am a work in progress. As much as I am full of awesome (particularly in my own lunch box) there are some fundamental changes to my being that need to be made I want make. Things like my lack of motivation or laziness, the line between the two is thin and blurred. I need to find new ways to look at things to encourage myself to just get them done. And by things in this instance I mean boring household tasks that often feel like they suck the life force out of me.

To me this is the essence of perspective and why being able to see the perspective of others has it's advantages.

In this case I can see both perspectives. Yes I too show my family I love them with cuddles and time spent together rather than doing the laundry. However there is no denying that the laundry will always need doing. In fact at the end of each and every day there will be laundry patiently waiting to be seen to.

So when I have no choice but to get on with tackling Mount Washmore or Mount Foldmenow, I gently remind myself that I will do so with a happy heart and not begrudgingly because I love my family and they love clean clothes. Well I assume they do, I know I do.

Chores, whether we like it or not must be done. We expect our children to just get on with them without constant complaining and I am starting to realise that I must as well. Especially if I am going to assign myself to the whole be who you want your children to be ideology. At the end of the day it all boils down to how you look at things and your perspective.

Originally this post was called Perspective - Don't only think of yours. I had intended (hoped?) that it would be a post about the beauty of putting yourself in someone else's shoes, looking through their eyes and trying to see things from their perspective. By doing so I believe that you will open yourself up to a world of new possibilities that you may not have been able to see before. Some of which will give you a better understanding of those around you. Obviously though that is not quite how it turned out.

Mind you I am just glad this is now out, it was kinda blocking me in many ways. I am sure though that there will be another post or two about the importance of perspective for me this year.

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  1. I know what you mean, but sometimes it's hard NOT to accept all the boring, mundane stuff we have to do, and I do try. I also believe perspective is something I need to work on, although the blogging world gives me lots of it, my moans and rants are nothing compared to what SOO many other parents are having to put up with! x

  2. We're all a work in progress hun, and I see you laziness and lack of motivation and raise you a great big 'can't be bothered with the housework' :p

  3. I like the way you have acknowledged reality with the ideal here and that is having a great perspective in and of itself in my book :-)

  4. Being able to look at the way others look at things is a completely necessary life skill I think. How else can you really love other people if you're not looking at the world they do. But having said that, it's really not always easy, and sometimes their perspectives are as screwed as our own.
    As for getting things done, you just have to want it enough to do it. If the desire is there, nothing can stop you.


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