Friday, January 3

Things I Know

 Gosh, Friday already?

It just doesn't seem right. I am sure that I must have missed a few days somewhere along the line but by all accounts it is what it is and Friday is what it is.

Which means that Miss Cinders is hosting one of the easiest and bestest little ol' linkies to join in with. (Which naturally I am doing and you should too)

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The first thing that I know this this is that the school holidays seem to just fly on by way to fast. I am sure that it is just the whole Christmas and New Year thing but either way the thought of school returning in some three short weeks or something is just far too soon for my liking.

I know I like having my kidlets around and spending time with them. Well at least for the most part. And perhaps it is more a case of just strongly disliking the school morning hustle and bustle. Either way school holidays totally rock my socks.

I know that one of the reasons that school holidays get me super excited is because it means less driving time. I am not anti driving or anything but I do love not having to take the car out each and every day. Sadly school is just a little too far away for Zany to bike ride to and from each and every a day so we have little option but to take the car, at least for the moment.

I know I had hoped to have had this post written well before now. Sometimes however, apparently, life has other plans.

I know that my stupid side bar and footer are driving me absolutely batty. They have swapped places and I don't know why.

I know that not having the time to look into why my footer and sidebar have swapped places is also driving me rather batty.

I know that I was already batty enough without my blog adding to the chaos that is my brain.

I know that I have just loved having my sister and nephew around for the last few weeks.

I know that I (as well as Zany and Teapot) will be incredibly sad to be waving them goodbye come Sunday when they get on the plane to go home.

I know that I am just a wee bit pleased at being able to hold a pre second birthday celebration for my nephew tomorrow.

I know that thanks to all the hours I have wasted on this stupid old computer of mine, I have meet some of the most wonderful people ever. Like seriously ever.

I know that as wonderful as the internet is as connecting people it can also lead them feeling very disconnected and alone at times as well.

I know that was super pleased to discover I could make mojitos at home.

I know that because of the above statement  I should probably end this post now. You know on account of possibly having too may mojitos and all.

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  1. Hahaha! Mojitos aye?

    I'm enjoying the holidays too, although the lids have a bit of cabin fever going on. Loving no bus runs though, its amazing how long fuel lasts in the holidays!

    If you want me to have a squizz to see if I can figure out the sidebar issue let me know :)

    You know lots this week Rhi!

    MC xo

    P.S. I can comment on blogger blogs on my phone YAY!

  2. I love the word mojito but have never actually tried one!! My eldest starts big school this year and I am already dreading the school run!! I am having a love the internet day today- I just worked out I can add skype to the kids tablet. I hate when blogs do weird stuff!! Hope you can sort it soon. Have a good rest of the weekend!!

  3. It drives me batty when my blog does something stupid too! Enjoy the rest of your school holidays, and the mojitos :) Which reminds me I left a Daiquiri kit at my SILs!

  4. You know alot this week just gone by!!
    Not sure where the time is going with holidays.. I have kids going back the first & 2nd week of february.. time to sit down and do the stationary lists!!


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