Tuesday, October 29

Goodbye and Hello

Many of you may remember back in September when I shared my excitement at temporarily being the hostess with the mostest for the beloved lanky, Things I Know.  Sadly the time has come for me to return this little beauty to the ever lovely Miss Cinders.  

However all is not lost and there is light at the end of the tunnel, because all of this change is nothing but a good thing.

Firstly it means that Miss Cinders is returning from her bloggy break, which just between you and me, I am over the moon about. Miss C is by far and away one of my all time favourite blogger. She is so warm and welcoming that you feel at home the moment you get there. Having had the pleasure of actually meeting Miss Cinders in real life I can also vouch for her generosity and kindness. Not to mention amazing sense of humour.

I imagine by now you are probably wondering why if I am such a huge fan, I haven't put a link up to prove the awesomeness that I speak of.  Well since Miss Cinders doesn't finish her break until Friday, her blog is still closed till then. The fact that I am typing all this on the iPad while my beloved iMac is updating may also have something to do with it, but let's not speak of that shall we?

The other great thing about returning Things I Know is that when I saw Francesca say she was stepping aside from Thankful Thursday I was only to happy to put my hand up to step on in. I am sure regular readers are only too aware of my love for a good thankful Thursday. While they might not have been something that I have done much of late it certainly is something I want to get back into the swing of it again.

What better way to do it than hosting a linky?

Truth be told in many ways it feels like a dream come true. Tis but a simple life I love.

I hope that you will be able to come and join me Thursday for my very first bout of thankful hosting and then again on Friday for my final Things I Know hosting. In the meantime, today is #IBOT over at www.essentiallyjess.com (please excuse the dodgy linking it is again being blamed on the iPad factor and the lateness of the night)

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