Friday, March 22

Things I Know About Beautiful Ladies, Kind Hearts and Amazing Connections

Once again I am pretending to be all sorts of cool and write another post while traveling on the wonders of public transport. For this little country bumpkin the excitement of catching a train has still not worn off. In fact just between you and me, the idea of just sitting uninterrupted with my thoughts for an hour and a half is all kinds of awesome.

Mind you it would be all kinds of more awesome if I wasn't so darn tired.

Last night saw the gala dinner to conclude the wonders that was the Digital Parents Conference 2013. While the official proceedings were done and dusted by eleven, there were a few lovely ladies who joined me in some rather wonderful conversations at the hotel bar.

Most of those with me had the good sense to only hang around for an hour. Naturally our beautiful Things I Know host Miss Cinders, and myself lack that good sense and hence why we were creeping into our respective rooms at around three o'clock this morning. I would like to say live and learn, but honestly I would do it again in a heartbeat. Chatting and being with her was beyond all kinds of awesome. It felt like I was with a life long friend I had known forever.

So what do I know this week?

I know that even though I had a mini meltdown yesterday I am still glad I came.

I know that I am so, so, so, pleased that Mum Talks Autism's shoe broke and that she saw it as a sign to drag my sorry ass to the gala dinner, that I wasn't going to, due to the afore mentioned mini melt down.

I know that it is wrong for a group of young men, or perhaps boys based on some of the pimples, to get on my train, with the freshest and most loveliest smelling McDonalds. Especially when I am starving and desperately in need of more sleep.

I know that there in the last few days I have met some truly amazing women. In fact truly amazing doesn't even begin to describe them.

I knowI know there will be many a post to come about said women.

I know that my train station is fast approach and as such I must bid you all adieu.
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Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses