Monday, March 25

I must confess I am awesome, or not.

My Home Truths
Firstly before I start my confession this week there is something that I need to first admit to. Last week when I saw this week's prompt I thought I would have it in the bag. So much so that I envisaged having this post written long before now. After all I have never held back from sharing the awesomeness of me, even if it is just contained to my own lunchbox.

Since then and now however a week has passed. A week that for me was full of action and adventure. Perhaps in fact too much action and adventure, which right now has left me feeling anything but truly awesome.

As you may or may not be aware, last week saw the Digital Parents Conference for 2013 take place. This year I went out of my way to make sure I was there. I sat back and watched from a distance last year and was not going to do so again. I wanted to be a part of the action.

Or so I thought.

Turns out that spending two days surrounded by a whole heap of people that I don't know is quite overwhelming for this little country bumpkin. I have returned home with a whole range of mixed emotions and a lot of them do not equate to awesome. Which is so incredibly daft, because on more than one occasion beautiful kind hearted people went out of their way to make sure I knew how they felt towards me.

Some of the kindest words ever from Miss Cinders
There were others as well, who said things like they loved how I got them, made them feel at ease and that they felt better for having met and spent time with me. Amazing stuff I tell you. Being told that meeting you made the whole experience of the conference worthwhile really is an awesome thing to hear and I thank those that said it to me. 

Only right now it feels hard to feel awesome. Or even conceive there was a time I was even close to awesome.

Why this is I don't really know and can't really say. I guess we all get filled with self doubt at times and right now I am just overflowing with it.

What I do know though, is that this too will pass and before long I will be once again brimming with awesome and sharing forth said awesomeness. Cause, you know, I am awesome like that.

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