Thursday, April 16

Thankful to be back

From the moment I knew Thankful Thursday would once again be calling A Parenting Life home I started mentally going through all the things the different things I wanted to share my thanks for. Of course now that I am actually sitting down to write my post my mind is of course somewhat blank.

To say today (which is Wednesday) has been a long day is somewhat of an understatement. 

Monday saw us picking up the keys to our new home. A lovely 4x2 in a newish estate about fifteen minutes from the heart of Bunbury. Only Monday also so Mr Awesome have the opportunity for a day of casual labour, for which I am very thankful, so any moving of our things had to be done by yours truly. Thankfully Lovely is a rather strong young lass so with her assistance we were able to get a few things moved over. Mr A finished work earlier than expected which meant we were able to do another trailer load of moving.

It is crazy to think that in less than two weeks we were able to come up with enough furniture to completely furnish our house. All for an incredibly reasonable price as well I might add. I am so thankful that people are willing to sell their unwanted goods at such reasonable prices.

Tuesday saw the girls and I making a few more runs to our new house, while Mr A made the most of the opportunity to work a little. We were able to successful assemble Teapots bed. Sadly however Zany’s proved to be a little more complex. So complex that we had to take it apart and start again not once but twice and still failed to work it out. Thankfully we decided to walk away from it and wait till Mr A was around to lend a hand.

Which brings us to today. Well today for me as I am writing, but yesterday for you reading. Today (Wednesday) was all about cleaning the farm house we were house sitting and gathering the last of stuff to take to our new home.

I am so thankful we were able to spend the last week inside a house rather than in Edna because it has been all kinds of crazy wet and cold here in the South West. Of course having to clean baths and toilets and vacuum floors was not exactly the most pleasurable of activities but I guess they are all things I need to come to terms with as we return to the land of normal living.


Never mind though. I am sure there are women out there that would be thankful to have a house and even a bath and toilet for that matter to clean. I must admit this will be the first bath I have had in my home for nearly ten years.

Other things I am thankful for this week include

  • Mr A having a job interview for more permanent work. Of course my thanks will multiply ten fold if the interview goes well.
  • Beautiful friends to spend time with, who also happen to be great at catching crabs and getting marron, which just so happen to be some of my most favourite foods.
  • The most gorgeous birthday present from my little brother.

  • Having enough internet and time to regularly blog
  • Generous strangers who gave us more warm wool blankets than I could hope for.
  • A most wonderful daughter who this week turns fourteen.
Now you!

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