Friday, April 10

Things I Know About Being Gainfully Unemployed.

I know that suddenly being unemployed is not so much fun.

I know that worrying about our situation won’t actually change it.

I know that in the past week I have applied for more jobs than I have my whole life.

I know that prior to this I have never really known what it is like to be unemployed.

I know that I do not really like it.

I know that in the past getting a job was as easy as deciding what I I wanted to do and doing it.

I know that for every job interview I went for back in Darwin I got.

I know that I have really only had a handful of jobs. In fact in the last week I have probably applied for more jobs than jobs I have had.

I know that all of this applies for Mr Awesome as well. 

I know that the upside to having all this free time is that I have been able to catch up on lots of blogging.

I know that come Thursday 16th April the Thankful Thursday Linky will once again be found at A Parenting Life.

I know that it has been hard not to see the black clouds that have been hanging around all week as some kind of metaphor for things happening in my life right now.

I know that deep down I feel everthing will work out for the best.

I know that if feels pretty awesome to be joining in with Ann and sharing some things I know. 

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