Tuesday, April 14

Returning to a new normal

This time nine years ago Mr Awesome and I were patiently waiting for the May 8th to roll on by. For on that day we would be able to pick up the keys to our new home.

I was some seven months pregnant with Zany and we had just spent the last six months living with my parents in the hope to save enough money so we could put a deposit on a place to call our own. The thought of never having to move again excited me greatly. 

Fast forward to now mind you and I have just spent the last two hundred and seventy days essentially moving every three to four days. Oh how times change!

There is no doubt that #ouradventureofalifetime was beyond awesome. In fact my only complaint is that it didn’t go for longer. But I guess all good things must come to an end. And as the song rightly points out every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s ending. 

So while I am temporarily saying farewell to #ouradventureofalifetime I am also saying hello to #oursouthwestadventure as we settle into life in the south west of Western Australia. Which I must admit I am pretty excited about, saying that we now live in the South West has a certain ring to it that my inner cowgirl really enjoys.

Yesterday saw us pick up our keys to our new home. A small 4x2 that after living in Edna for so long actually feels like a mansion. The girls excitedly ran from room to room trying to decide who would get which room. They have never had a room to themselves before.

We will slowly move our things over in the next few days. It is crazy to think how quick we were able to accumulate stuff once we decided to stay in one spot.

Next week the girls will start school and hopefully jobs for Mr A and I will magically appear sooner rather than later. Life will slip into a new type of normal, though I hope to maintain some adventure feel to it all. Life should always be an adventure.

One of the great things about returning to normal and four walls is the return of large quantities of high speed internet. With that comes the opportunity to blog more and sharing stories on a much more regular basis.

Not only will I be able to actively rejoin #teamIBOT but I will also be back to hosting Thankful Thursday. A super big thanks to Sarah for taking care of it while I was adventuring. Please come over and share some thanks with me on Thursday.

Joining in with Jess for IBOT 

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