Sunday, April 19

Rise and shine

Today has not got off to the start that I was anticipating for it. My silver lining attitude has been thrown into overdrive as I try to look for all the good in being out of bed on a Sunday morning as early as the sparrow farts. 
Not this morning's sunrise but a shot taken on another
morning I was out of bed when I thought bed was
were I wanted to be. You can read all about here.
I thought about that morning a lot this morning.

Well actually there were no sparrows farting, at least not any that I heard. Though I do wonder if you would ever actually hear a sparrow fart given they are such a small bird and all. 

There was however a beautiful songbird belting out a sweet tune. We are yet to confirm whether it is a magpie or a butcherbird but it is here every morning and I think most evenings. I saw it the first night we were here. Sitting on the street light outside our house looking into our garden. It made my heart swell and was another confirmation that this was all the right thing to do.

Mind you if my feathered friend wants to keep waking the girls up at such ridiculous times I am not sure I will be able to remain such a fan.

At least there is also coffee. Good coffee as well, from my fancy machine that I scored second hand for the bargain price of $15. 

 It is starting to feel like maybe this whole crack of dawn start to the day is not so bad after all. The children are quietly amused by the dreaded box leaving me to tap away on the keyboard and enjoy my coffee outside watching the sun rise over the fence. If it weren’t so crazily cold it would perfect really. Though I must keep reminding myself this is not crazy cold yet. For the locals this is mildly cool. Crazy cold is yet to come. Something this little tropical sun loving girl waits for with great trepidation.

I guess in many ways today is officially the last day of #ouradventureofalifetime. Tomorrow Mr Awesome starts his new job and the day after that the girls start their new schools. Well The Little Two do, Lovely has an interview with her school and will hopefully start on Wednesday. And me, well still not sure what is in store for this little black duck.

Ideally I would like to remain in the lifestyle of which I have been accustomed to for so many years. Being a stay at home mum really is the greatest occupation ever. Only the wages down here are ridiculously lower than what they were back in Darwin. Which I guess is only to be expected when every thing else is so much cheaper. Only there will not be enough for us to save for our next leg of adventuring so employment is on my horizon. Especially given that Teapot is going into full time school.


My mind boggles at the fact that she will not be with me all day every day any more. 

She is slightly nervous about the whole thing and really who can blame her. For five years she has safely been by my side and now I am just throwing her out into the unknown. Well not the complete unknown because she did watch her two big sisters go off to school every day but all of that seems like such a long time ago now.

Deep down I think I know she will be fine. 

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