Wednesday, April 8

Jobs don't just fall out of no where

With hindsight, or rather just purely stopping to think about it for a nanosecond, expecting that we would be able to just walk into employment the moment we needed work was perhaps slightly naive. To say the least. I mean as employable as Mr Awesome and I know ourselves to be, I guess that might not transfer all that well onto paper to people who do not know us and have hundreds of other resumes thrown in their direction.

Today was deemed get a job day. 

I shared this photo on Instagram today with the caption
"Sometimes it can be super hard to see the light shinning
through when there are so many dark clouds overhead"
Mr Awesome had spoken to the regional manager of the company he worked for in Darwin as he happens to manage Western Australia as well. From the moment he heard about our trip he had said that the company would still look after him where ever they could. Which naturally we took as meaning there is a job for you in any branch you want, whenever you want.

Given how well things worked out in Karratha we just assumed the same would happen here in Bunbury. Turns out assumption really is the mother of all fuck ups. 

After spending all Easter waiting for the return call to say when to start, today reality thought it would be rather fun to slap us in the face with a cold fish. There is no job for him here. The store is just not making enough money to squeeze another employee in and that’s all there is too it.

Honestly after ten years of committed service I would have though they could have tried to squeeze him in. But no. 


Not to worry we thought. Our farmer friend who is kindly let us stay in his back paddock had told us of a job going somewhere else. Only when Mr A went into the branch they said they were filling it internally and maybe come back in June.


It is so hard not throw a two year old tantrum. 

We desperately need work.

Someone, ok me, may have slightly screwed up when budgeting and left us a lot shorter of cash than intended to. My stomach starts doing back flips just thinking about it, while my head seems to develop a horrible throbbing sensation. It is such a strange feeling to be so highly strung up about finances having not really given them much thought for the last nine months.

And maybe that right there is the biggest problem. Had I thought about pesky things like money a little more while on #ouradventureofalifetime we wouldn’t be in this predicament right now.

More sighing.
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