Sunday, September 21

Snapshots of Us Weeks 36-38

It has been another couple of big weeks in the Awesome household. I returned from Darwin with the wonderful news my clot was gone and I no longer needed to take my medication. Which made the trip all rather worthwhile. Upon my return the girls stuck to me like glue for the next few days. You would have been sworn I was gone for five months rather than five days.

Sunset at James Price Point WA.
The home I returned to.
After leaving bare beauty of coastline living at James Price Point we head further up the Dampier Peninsular to an even more beautiful coastline at Cape Leveque. Though the living was not nearly as bare.
This shade shelter made life feel rather luxurious 
The view from inside the shelter

From Cape Leveque we headed back down the coast and returned to Broome for a few days. Just in time to view the staircase to the moon. An event that happens a few days every month on the full moon. Unfortunately though my photography skills let me down and there are no shots to share with you.

The other highlight in Broome this time round though was camel riding.

Mr Awesome and Lovely on the camel behind me
The two little girls and I shared a camel
 When we left Broome we headed further down the coast. Not too far mind you as we found this great station stay called Barn Hill. It is a working cattle station with a caravan park attached and backs onto a rather lovely little beach.

On the second day there Zany found an injured sandpiper on the beach that she insisted on taking care of. Thankfully after an hour of care it seemed to be making a miraculous recovery so we were able to return it to the beach.

The thing I love most about this selfie is the lovely loomband necklace I am sporting is thanks to Teapot! 

 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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