Friday, September 19

There are worst ways to start the day

As I lay here, shivering away under a blanket designed for someone much smaller than I, my brain seems to have gone into overdrive in the thought creation department. Which would be much better if it wasn't sleeping time. Though I guess for some just after five in the morning isn't really sleeping time. 

I have been awake for a little over half hour now. Zany woke me to inform me of her being cold and smelling wee. Which is not really the best of news in any mother's book. 

Turns out that Teapot had wet the bed in the night. I sent Zany to snuggle in my bed as I tried to think of the best way to deal with all that was before me. 

I shouldn't really complain though as she is still only little and these do happen. Especially when you fall asleep before you have had a chance to complete your nightly ritual of teeth, toilet bed. I really have no one but myself to blame. I was more interested in my crochet and watching the stars appear than bedtime duties last night. Mother of the Year right there and this current situation I find myself in is my prize. 

In more MOTY moments I may have just pulled the doona over the wet patch rather than change the sheets. Hence why I am scrunched up in a ball under an ill fitting blanket debating my own need to go to the toilet. 

The downside to this caravanning life I currently lead is that Edna does not have a loo inside her. Which is only really sucky on cold mornings like this. After watching the grey nomads at the van parks continually have to empty their little boxes of human waste from their flash toilet including vans I am a bit glad it is not something we have to deal with. 

The sun is all but up now. A light glow is trying to peak in through the windows. For the most part though our awnings slow the process down. Delaying the start to our days just a tiny bit. The birds however are trying their best to let us know they are up and catching all the worms. Their songs and melodies are calling out from the branches of most trees nearby. There are worst ways to start the day I guess. 

The urge to urinate can no longer be ignored. I finally manage to find the gumption to get out of bed, put some warmish clothes on and traipse across the cold damp grass to the toilets. I love how there is no roof on them. 

The fear of disturbing sleeping children prevents me from returning inside Edna. It also means that coffee must wait a little longer. Suddenly a whistling kettle does not seem like the wisest purchase. 

Instead I wander down to the ocean. I have been listening to the waves crash since I woke. The tide is on her way out now. I find so much comfort in the soft calling that she makes ebbing away on the shoreline.  

Turns out that the sun was not nearly as up as I thought she was allowing me the opportunity to catch most of her graceful rise. It always amazes me how crowds flock to watch the sunset but on the way up no one is around. Though I am pleased for the solitude right now. 

As I watch the golden ball rise higher into the sky I marvel at how quickly it gets up. Unlike myself. Some days even on #ouradventureofalifetime dragging my feet out of bed can take in excess of fifteen minutes. Why that is I am not really sure. Perhaps the incessant mum cries have something to do with it. Children can be so relentless some days. 

Today I have the upper hand. As much as I may have been woken in what some might say was not the best way, how I actually started it was on my terms with the sun and the sea by my side. 

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