Friday, September 12

Things I Know that make me smile

As promised yesterday I am back today with a slightly happier tone. Though it feels like I have razor blades in my throat when I swallow and I am coughing up some chunky green stuff so it is possibly not going to be as happy as I perhaps hoped for. Oh and did I mention I have sore back, have done for well of a week now. All of which may or may not play a part of my grumpiness.

But enough of that today is all about the things I know that make me smile.

I know that being a part of a blogging community makes me smile. Hence why today I am joining in with TIK over at Ann's. One thing I have really missed while on #ouradventureofalifetime is reading other people's blogs and joining in with linky loving fun. Sadly limited internet just doesn't allow for it. Today though I am breaking our internet rules and just quietly that makes me smile.

I know that people taking the time to come and read my ramblings makes me smile. Especially when they leave me a comment to let me know they have stopped by.

I know that being nominated in blogging games makes me smile. Thanks Alicia.

I know that coffee makes me smile. Especially since we are just about at the end of the awful Nescafe jar!

I know that being able to take photos like this make me smile.

Cable Beach North

James Price Point

Camel riding on Cable Beach
I know that hearing Mr Awesome laugh as he talks to other campers makes me smile.

I know today not being a moving day makes me smile.

I know that waking up over looking the coast line makes me smile.
 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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