Tuesday, November 12

Blogging on a Tuesday #IBOT

Usually by now on a Tuesday I have had a post up for hours and read at least twenty different posts. Blogging on a Tuesday is just what I like to do. Which is lucky and all, since I am a member of #teamIBOT. (Which essentially means me and my IBOT buddies race around like crazy on a Tuesday trying to  makes sure that everyone who has linked in with the ever lovely and IBOT host Jess, has received some sort of comment love, just in case you were wondering.)

There are a thousand and one reasons why I don't already have a post up and read a hundred times by now. They mostly revolve around me being disorganised and lackadaisical. Both of which are issues I have been meaning to do something about but just haven't gotten around to yet. The joy of procrastination I guess.

So here we are, ten past six on Tuesday night, patiently waiting for the little Domino's delivery man (or woman I guess, person is probably easier, but just seems to stunt the sentence, driver maybe?) to erratically drive up and start beeping, indicating that our dinner has arrived.

As it turned out, midway through typing that paragraph the driver, who was in fact a man, well male, I think technically he may have been in the pre man stage if you know what I mean, but whatever, again probably not all that relevant, arrived. He did not drive in a manner that resembled even the slightest form of erratic and nor did he beep his horn. 

Instead he quietly parked his vehicle and brought our boxed meals right inside the front door. Despite me pushing Mr Awesome out into the car park to greet him in a bid to avoid an unknown person bearing witness to the disaster zone that my front living area so often appears to be.

Apparently it was too difficult for them to juggle three pizzas, a bottle of coke, garlic bread, the most delicious little chocolate lava bombshell thing I have ever tasted and $38 in two dollar coins in the car park. I am sure two women could have managed such an exchange with a toddler on their hip.

Thankfully I was able to hid out of sight of tonight's knight in shining armour. Leaving Mr Awesome to appear as some poor bloke that feeds his kids pizza for dinner. I might not be able to look the pizza guy  in the face and say yeah so what if my kids have pizza for dinner but blogging about it is not a problem. 

That's just the way I roll you see.

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I was searching for roll, in case you were wondering.

An hour has passed now since started this post. Actually that is not quite true. I began trying to write it first thing this morning. I didn't get past opening it all up and getting ready to go. It has merely been an hour since I first managed to spit some form of a sentence out.

A teacher's strike this morning meant that the girls had the day off and a couple of extras came over for the day. Which was all very lovely and I wouldn't really have it any other way but it was not exactly conducive to blogging. The few moments that I managed to steal away on the computer were no where near long enough for my many jumbled thoughts to sort themselves out. A feeling I am tiring off yet know I am not alone with.

For now though it is bedtime for some little ones and the pleasure tonight falls with I.

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  1. I just want to say that your pizza delivery guy rocks for not beeping his horn. Our parcel delivery lady pulls into our driveway and toots her horn and it seriously puts me on edge every time and my husband does a whole lot of online shopping! I love that you can blog about feeding your kids pizza but hid from the delivery guy, too. So funny.

    1. I know right I was pretty impressed with him as well. There used to be a little scooter dude who would do laps and beep. I wanted to fork stab him!

  2. I think we all have days that go like that - sometimes I think my life went like that for quite a while !!!
    So glad you get to pass the love around to the lovely bloggers who join in with #IBOT.
    Have the best day !

    1. yes I am sure we all have days like that. I guess by putting it here I get to let everyone know they are not alone. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Replies
    1. Surprisingly for Dominoes it was pretty great, and I wouldn't mind some more now


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