Wednesday, November 13

Keep Calm and Iron On

Remember how a little while ago I got all housewifey and did a little vlog about the latest and greatest iron on offer from Philips?


Well best you hurry off and check it out, especially if your day is in need of a little chuckle.

Anyway because that was full of all the awesomeness that it was, the lovely PR people for Philips asked if I was interested in hosting a bit of British themed ironing party. Complete with fun and games to use the iron with. Naturally I said yes because who doesn't like to party?

What I didn't think of though, was the actual organising aspect, because that part is perhaps not so fun but thankfully most of the work has been taken care of in the little party pack I was sent. Phew on that front I tell you.

So who's in? Wanna come round and drink tea (quite possibly of the long island and iced variety) and play with my iron?
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For those interested I was gifted a Philips PerferctCare Aqua for my original review, I have also been sent a heap of goodies and prizes to make the party as fun as possible. All thoughts, words and opinions are completely my own.


  1. While I don't iron, don't drink tea and live just a little bit far away - I would still love to come to your party if that's OK ? LOL
    I hope that you all have the best party !

    1. I would love you to have come to my party! That would be all kinds of awesome x


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