Friday, November 8

Things I Know About Banjo Paterson

I know that I have had this book for a very long time.
The very first thing I know today is that last night it felt a bit strange not worrying too much about not already knowing something to share for today. Since the lovely Miss Cinders has returned from her bloggy break Things I Know is now residing back with her.

I know that I loved playing host for one of my favourite linkies from one of my favourite bloggers. It seriously kinda made me feel like one of the cool kids. Though I am tipping that sharing that just made me sound like anything but a cool kid.

So what else is it I know this week?

Well I know that helping a reluctant learner with her homework requires more patience than I can perhaps find at times. I know that just because I happen to be in love with the topic by no means, means that she will also be over the moon to be researching one of this country's finest literary icons.

I know that I have really enjoyed reading about all the wonderful things that Banjo Paterson has done in his life. Some I knew already and some I had forgotten about and some were brand new.

I know it made me giggle when I read he went to China as a corespondent to cover the Boxer Rebellion but he got there too late.

I know I had forgotten that old AB is on the ten dollar note.

I know that I didn't know he used the pseudonym "B". I did however know that he penned quite a lot as "The Banjo"

I know that as a wanna be writer with an ego that likes to be stroked, I find it interesting that any writer would use a pseudonym.

I know that the book pictured above is one of my most very favourite. When I say I have had it for a very long time, I mean a really very long time. Since 1984 in fact. My grandfather gave it to me for my sixth birthday. He passed away later that year. Which makes him not spelling my name in the front of the book ok. Well that and the fact he was old and felt even older at the time and I loved him lots. Plus so few people ever get my name right anyway...

As much as I know all this (and more) about Mr Paterson, Lovely still actually needs to get her assignment out of the way. Which means I should probably get out of her way and off the computer.

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  1. Ohhh I loved doing my Banjo Paterson assignment when I was in high school. Such a great man.

    I hope Lovely comes to think of him as a great man too - like we do - because he truly was!

    I know I dislike doing assignments now though! My night last night was writing a speech with BJ8... about Matchbox Cars lol

    Thank you Rhi for babysitting TIK for me over the past couple of months :) I couldn't have left my baby in more capable hands than yours :)

    MC xo

    1. It was my pleasure to babysit lovely, you know that. Hmmmm matchbox cars, the mother of girls has little idea on that. Hope it went well

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. No idea who Banjo is but you have inspired me to find out and read his work. Thank you ! : )

    1. Hope you enjoyed finding out about him Sarah, he is a truly wonderful writer


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