Saturday, November 23

Completely and utterly unattended

The silence is almost deafening. In fact it is so silent there is a ringing in my ears. I struggle to remember the last such a stillness descended upon the house. 
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Of course now that I stop to think how quiet it all is I find my ears barraged with a range of sounds. From cars passing in the distance, to the buzzing of the electrical appliances, not to mention the fish tank aerator, squawking birds flying past and the constant tapping of my fingers upon the keyboard.

Some how the universe managed to swing it that I found myself at home. All alone. Completely and utterly unattended. Which believe you me is completely and utterly amazing. Perhaps even beyond that.

Mr Awesome has his work Christmas party tonight. Which meant that the girls were shipped off to my mum's as I was expected invited to attend said party. All very good and well until when dropping the children off at Nan's the littlest one says my ear hurts mum. And then promptly bursts into tears.

The fact that she willingly took the panadol offered to her was quite possibly a sign of just how much pain she was in. Mother of the year here though decided to ignore it because, well, a night out is a night out, even if it is with a bunch of people I have little to no ability to communicate with. Plus I may or may not have planned to pike early on the night anyway to enjoy some quiet time at home.

Being all organised and not rushing things, I was dropping the children off with an hour or two to spare before the party started. This meant of course by the time the party was about to start I felt obliged to check in and see how it was all going.

Stupid me.

Of course it was going terribly. 

Teapot was still moaning about her ear, while Lovely was still making attempts to escape. It was with great reluctance that I even got her there in the first place. She is currently without access to her iDevice, however felt it was only *fair* she got to take it to the sleepover. Naturally her version of fair and mine are vastly different. The device was left at home and she promised to cry blue murder about it until the situation was rectified.

Poor Lovely is in the process of learning the world does not actually spin on an axis that revolves purely around her. Unfortunately for her, and all involved, she appears instant on doing this the hard way and fighting me every inch of the way.


Anyways being the Mother of the Year that I am, I went on partying. Actually the party was at a bowling alley so I stuck around and had a game. I did not however enjoy an alcoholic bereave. Which was really the only real attraction of going. Instead, deciding to be just a little bit responsible and stay with soft drinks. Once I had remembered how incredibly crap I am at bowling though I decided that maybe it was best if I went and saw to the children. 

By now Teapot had been to sleep for a bit, woken up and was still going on about her sore ear. Lovely had also come to terms with the fact that sometimes I do actually get to pull rank on her and not give in. Aside from all of that the 35 week pregnant lady and the recently engaged chick were well and truly doing my head in with their constant chatter about their impending life changes. Ones that I have already been through and without being rude am not really interested in hearing about from other people I see but once a year. A three year old with a sore ear and her hormonal twelve year old sister suddenly appeared very appealing. (No I don't understand why I don't have many friends do you?)

So I get to my mother's house only to discover that Teapot's ear has had a miraculous recovery. Apparently a bath can fix anything. Oh to be three. Thanks to the panadol for finally kicking in perhaps?

After an hour of hanging with them Teapot informed that she did not want to come home with me. Lovely of course was using every inch of self restraint that she could muster not to scream out how much she would like to come home with me. Bless her. I love it when she shines out rays of hope like that.

I loved her even more when she was so accepting of me returning to the party. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing a child learn a lesson. Even if it will only be temporary before she decides to see how far she can push me once more. The never-ending dance of teenage power struggle.

Of course I had no intention of returning to the party. I am not a very good sober bob. Even there is a drink to be had then I would most certainly like to having it. How else can one tolerate the idiocy of a drunk if one is not drunk also? Plus, the temptation of a silent home is very hard to resist.

So here I sit. Alone and unattended. Basking in the glow of my screen and the silence of my ears. Cautiously waiting for the message to say it has once again all come undone. For now though as I inhale the beauty of solitude I will just enjoy me. Doing things that I like to do, that only benefit me. Like trawling round the internet and catching up on some blog reading and writing.

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  1. Good on you!!! Love "me" time. So so rare. Hope Teapot's ear doesn't flare up again and you have to do a middle-of-the-night run. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thankfully there was no middle of the night run and I have been able to wake up after a whole night of uninterrupted sleep and sneak in some more of the that glorious me time! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Oh my goshness!!!! If I lived closer I would have totally rained on your alone parade and crashed it to get away from all of the kids that inhabit my house!!!!!!

    I am, insanely jealous of the blissfully loud alone time you had. Like, green eyed monster jealous nearly!

    MC xo


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