Monday, November 25

I must confess I had a rather perfect time this weekend

Many months ago now the super lovely Jenn wrote a post about her idea of a perfect weekend.

At the end of the post Jenn put it out there for other bloggers to share what would constitute their perfect weekend. As you can imagine I felt all kinds of special at being asked. Having been one of those last picked for anything at school kids I get a real buzz anytime I get asked for anything. And I mean anything. Given that I love Jenn as much as what I do (having actually had the pleasure of meeting her I mean that with all my heart) I was even more excited

Only I must confess that I never actually got around to sharing what would make for a perfect weekend for me.

The main reason for this is because I wanted to do the topic justice and write something totally amazing. Which is naturally all I ever hope to do. And sadly rarely ever get around to. Some days I barely even get to the writing part let alone the amazing bit. But onwards I go.

If you are a dedicated follower (and I know there are some out there and I just want to squeeze you to bits because you seriously make my heart swell) then chances are you notice a bit of an influx of posts over the weekend. You see on Saturday I found myself completely and utterly unattended. It lasted until mid morning Sunday and it was all kinds of beyond awesome.

However there was something a little nice about picking the children up. Particularly given how excited they were to see me. One could have been mistaken for thinking I had been absent a week rather than not even twenty four hours.

What also was rather perfect was the beautiful overcast day that we had been granted. Despite there being a small wanna be cyclone hanging off to the west somewhere. After a quick trip to the shops for food supplies we all head home for some of the best ham and salad rolls I have ever made.

Any takers on what is going on here?
After lunch our family Besties dropped in with a cute and cuddly visitor that kept us entertained for hours. Sadly a friend of theirs had come across an orphaned joey that was still to young to care for itself. As it is such a big job they had asked the Besties to have it for the weekend.

Oh the cute I tell you. As you can see from the photo, little Joey is a bit of a suckler and in the absence of his mummy's nipple he goes for a toe. Which is both incredibly cute and a little heartbreaking. Was lovely for the girls to have a turn at giving him his bottle and a great experience in caring for those who are looking after.

Then as if the day, or even the weekend, couldn't get better we all headed to the beach for a spot of kite flying. The mini cyclone that never showed did provide the perfect wins for a bit of stunt kite flying. There really is something magical about watching kids run up and down a sandy beach chasing a kite.

By the time we sat down for a simple dinner of sausages, corn on the cob and salad everyone was exhausted but oh so happy. I felt more blessed than words can describe and couldn't help but think just how perfect the weekend had been, despite it being and simple and nothing really out of the ordinary it was most certainly a weekend I could live again. Though obviously without the ear drama even if it did just seem to go away alone.

And as I thought how perfect it was, I was once again reminded of how I hadn't shared my perfect day post with Jenn. So here we are and now I have.

As much as perfect could also be whisked away to a deserted island that has a hotel and masseuse or any number of exciting exotic dreams that would never actually happen, my perfect is also a whole heap of alone time with the computer, craft and silence followed by some enjoyable family time with good friends and weather that doesn't leave you melting due to the heat.

Joining in Kirsty and the confessing gang as I confess to my delay in writing my confessions about what makes a perfect day.

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  1. I'm with you - the simple weekends are the best!!!! Gorgeous little joey too xxx

  2. We had a simple weekend last weekend and it was great. There was no pressures, we just went with the flow. A swim in the ocean just topped it off completely!

  3. I did notice an influx of posts and am very envious! So glad you had an awesome weekend, a perfect one at that! How cute that you got to chill with a joey, bless. Perfect weekend for me, no housework, no cooking, children who don't fight, scream or cry because they haven't got their own way! And lots of cuddles and kisses, from kids AND hubby ;) xxx

  4. That sounds like the perfect weekend for me too - glad you enjoyed your productive solitude before having a nice relaxing day with family!

  5. That sounds like such a lovely weekend. I'm glad you mentioned it was a joey in that picture- I spent ages trying to figure out what that was! xxx

  6. I am planning a simple weekend - actually make that weeks in January - until then, we are going with cray cray here.

  7. This post is filled with happiness and beautiful images - love it! I agree that seeing kids running along a sandy beach chasing a kite is magical. How cute is little joey sucking his toes? :)

  8. So lovely to hear of you're simple but perfect weekend. there is nothing like a bit of alone time also to recharge you. Onwards and Upwards ;). !

  9. Too true. I often daydream about a lazy weekend alone in a luxury resort with massages... etc. But then, this morning I had the funnest time shopping with my three-year old at big w... totally ordinary but she is enthralled by the simplest things and spending time with me is a hot favourite. How could I not be chuffed with that?

    Love the joey pic!


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