Thursday, November 21

Thankful for little things

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life Without a doubt my first round of thanks today goes to those rather awesome bloggers who have not only joined in with Thankful Thursday but also added my little button to their blog or post. I know it is only a little thing but every little thing is someone else's big thing. Or something like that.

Seriously though, support via the interwebs is a pretty amazing thing and I know that it is something so many of us are thankful for. Speaking of support, bloggers and new things, one of my regular thanker's has a new series thing launching tomorrow. It is about child led days and going with the flow of what they want to do. Bound to be inspirational I am sure.

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It is currently 4:06 Thursday morning. I am thankful in some ways that I made myself go to bed with the children at quarter to nine last night. Which I know was late for them and early for me but there is a reason or two for that you see.

We had been out to dinner with a friend who is leaving town. I am thankful that the rain only came long enough to wet the seats and cool our outdoor venue down. We went to The Wharf, a local favourite of many who live here. Actually it is pretty popular with visitors as well and provides great photo opportunities. It is all fenced in some areas so children can run around while their parents sit around and chatter. I am pretty thankful that our friend called shotgun on paying. While we could afford to pay, it is obviously wonderful not too. It also meant that because I no longer had to pay for dinner I could spend a bit more on the grog treat myself to a little drink. And by that I mean two black label vodka ice. 

During the drive in, Mr A, who I may or may not think at times drives like a maniac, had a near miss with car waiting at a round about he was approaching.  So much so he made a noise as he slammed his brakes on. In doing so causing me to look up from my phone only to then make my own noise as I saw our car hurtling towards another. I am thankful it was only in my imagination we were hurtling

He then began to carry on about how my fear of his driving was uncalled for and I decided I couldn't get to the bar quick enough.

Anyway back to my point because it is now 4.25 and I have suddenly got the urge to sleep. I also can not believe that in nineteen minutes I only wrote two lousy paragraphs. Emphasis on the word lousy as well. Grrrrr It is actually now 4.37 and there are obviously more than two paragraphs. 

I am now just thankful if by some chance you are still actually reading this.

There really is so much more I want give my thanks for, only I am thinking that now is not the time. You know on account of it being 4.39 in the morning and all. I have been up for two hours and if I duck off now I can fit in that same amount in sleep. I will be back though I promise.

Thanks again for joining in and sharing the comment love.

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  1. I really do not think you ever write lousy paragraphs, how could they be lousy when they are you're feelings and thoughts. You always paint a picture, that is what a good writer does.
    Hope you enjoyed you're little drinks sounds like heaven to me.
    Thank you so much for that 2nd little paragraph!!!! You are so kind and generous with you're words.
    Have a great Day xxxx

    1. Thank you for your kind words lovely.
      I can't believe that two little drinks had such an effect on me. An effect I didn't really realise to the next day I might add. OMG, hang over central, clearly my party girls days are done and dusted.

  2. I would find it extremely hard to have a coherent thought at 4am, let alone a thankful one! You did well :-)

    1. PS I think this is the first time I've joined up since you've hosted Thankful Thursday ... I'm thankful today because my blog turned one!!!

    2. I actually don't mind that time of the day, as I am generally guaranteed some peace and quiet while everyone else is asleep. One of the joys of an early night for me actually is waking up after everyone else is asleep and haven a few quite hours or two to myself. Thanks for joining in. I think this may actually be your second time, either way hope you pop back again and congratulations on the blog birthday

  3. My husband drives like yours and thinks there is nothing wrong with the way he drives. I grip the handles for the whole trip, apparently I'm the one who's paranoid. Hope you got some more sleep. Rae xxx

    1. yes apparently it is all me as well. Made even tougher by the fact that it is *my* car in that I am the one that drives mostly on account of him having a work ute.

  4. Love your thankfuls, hope you got a better nights sleep last night!!


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