Thursday, June 7

Thankful for being a quitter

Last Thursday (when I actually started this post), May 31st was World No Tobacco Day. A day where people the world over, are encouraged to quit smoking. For many years I would dread this day rolling around as it was a constant reminder that I was horribly addicted.  I spent a long time thinking about being a quitter before I actually got around to it.
I am thankful that I have been smoke free for around 880 days. Which is around 30 months or two and a half years.
Go me hey?
Only it is not just go me. It is go Mr Awesome as well. We both quit at the same time, though I feel it was a lot tougher for him than I. You see I wanted it a lot more. Don't get me wrong Mr Awesome did want to quit as well, he must have or he wouldn't have be able to stop, I am just not sure he would have thought of it then, had I not been harping on about it so much. Plus his addiction had been going for much longer than mine.
Not that any of that matters any more. I am so thankful that we are both quitters. Thankful not just for the increased health we are experiencing but thankful for all the money we have saved as well. I recently purchased a packet of Winnie Golds for a friend and nearly fell over when the attendant said that'll be $19.40!
Joining in with Kate


  1. Well done you! This year like every year I got the guilts on May 31. We've yet to succeed at being quitters, but we won't stop trying!


  2. Well done on quitting. Is it easy when you actually want to quite? My brother keeps saying he wants to but he doesn't. I can only imagine how much money you could save.


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