Tuesday, June 5

Dear You Know Who You Are,

Thanks to our recent interactions you have been on my mind.
In fact you have caused my chest to tighten, a lump in my throat to appear and even at times a near tear to my eye.  The feelings you've caused and the emotions evoked lead me to feel like I am starting to choke.

I mean you no ill and never meant to offend.  
I thought that our agendas were some how alike.  Both in the hope for the greater good.  
You know, that future hope for those children of ours.  
The best education, with great possibilities, for one and for all.

Time, it is precious.  
Both yours and mine too, the same is for everyone.  We all know this is true.  
But sadly there will always be something left waiting for someone to do.

And please don't misunderstand, I know that it is ok to stop and say no.  
No one expects anyone to just do it all.  
It was not what was said, that is not in dispute.  It was how it was said and the message that sent.

I am sorry once more that it has come round like this.  It is not what I want or set out to achieve.  I honestly thought that our teams were aligned.  I dislike ever feeling a line in the sand.

Anyway that is all I really wanted to say.  Hopefully now that is out of the way, we can move on from here and let it wash clean away.

Fairy wishes & Butterfly kisses


  1. I hope "you know who you are" reads this and you can reconcile whatever your differences are! I hate misunderstandings!

  2. Hope everything turns out ok for you and the receiver of this letter Rhianna!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Fingers crossed You Know Who You Are, really knows who they are. Sending a hug. Hope everything works out.

  4. oh honey... i hope everything works out and the person this is intended for can see and finaly understand your heart and intentions xx


  5. This is tough. I think I know how you feel. I hope it gets better. Rachel x

  6. Oh man this soun like one of those icky situations that is hard to fix. :( Hope it sorts itself out for you quickly. Xx

  7. Oh, I've been in a similar situation. Hope things all turn out.

  8. I find writing it down helps to clear away the feelings.. hope it worked for you too xx

  9. Just adding my thoughts, love, strength and hope your way too Rhianna. xxXOoo

  10. Sometimes, even if 'you know who' doesn't read this, having it out there helps to reconcile it in your own mind.

  11. Hope it sorts itself out soon.. any misunderstanding is hard to deal with ..thinking of you xxx

  12. Oh Rhi, I think I've been in a similar situation.... I try and do my best, yet everything goes pear shaped! I hope you can sort it all out and find some peace.

  13. Really hope you have some resolution. I love your phrasing, you are quite wonderful.

  14. Wow, I hope the other person reads this and it gets sorted. All you can do is try to explain...

  15. I'm always being misunderstood. It's not fun. Good on you for trying to let it go.


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