Monday, June 25

Monday at the Movies - Charlie & Boots

Being a lover of not only Australian movies but also both Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson, I can not believe it has taken me so long to getting around to watching what I am sure will one day be seen as an Aussie classic.

Released in September 2009 it just so happened to have the best opening weekend for any Australian movie that year.  After watching it I can totally understand why.  Watching it was a wonderful journey filled with a range of emotions and beautiful images of this great country I proudly call home.

Charlie & Boots (Directed by Dean Murphy) is the story of a father and son who embark on a road trip from Warrnambool, Victoria to the Cape York Peninsula.  Boots played by Jacobson, recalls that as a child Charlie (Hogan) promised to take him fishing there one day.  After the death of Gracie, the pair's wife and mother, Boots decides that the time to do that is now and bundles Charlie of on a spur of the minute adventure.

To say that the two have a strained relationship at times is somewhat of an understatement.  Charlie is a cantankerous Aussie farmer who would much rather be sitting in his darkened lounge room mourning the loss of his wife.  He clearly has little time or patiences for his eldest son who opted for city living rather than a life on the land.  Naturally the tension between the pair allow for a few humorous moments.

Along the way they encounter Jess.  A sixteen year old hitch hiker on her way to Tamworth as she dreams of being a singer.  After over hearing a conversation between Jess and Boots, Charlie begins to see his son in a different light.  It is thanks to Jess the whole tone of the trip changes and Charlie starts to relax and actually enjoy the time with his son.

Now before the movie started I was under the impression that it was a comedy.  With Hogan and Jacobson, how could it not be?  Ten minutes into it though, with tears streaming down my face I wondered how it could possible get a laugh out of me if it were all about the death of a much loved wife and mother.  Thankfully it was able to move on from the sadness with ease however there was more than one occasion where I was reaching for the tissues.

Both actors need to be commended for the emotional journey that they take the viewer on.  It is one that touches the heartstrings, warms the heart and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy.  Which is pretty much all I ask of a film.  Though the heartstring pulling I can sometimes do with out.

While there were times I felt the Australiana themes may have been a little strong or overdone it did also make for a great advertisement for this wonderful country I call home.  The scenery was beyond picturesque and allowed for the perfect backdrop for some of the more deep dialogue that took place.

All in all this was a great movie and I highly recommend it.  It makes for a great couple movie, with Mr Awesome enjoying it as much as what I did.  Which is always nice.  Charlie & Boots is one of those movies with far reaching appeal and suitable for just about any audience.

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