Friday, June 15

All quiet on the writing front

To say I have been a bit quiet on the writing front of late could possibly be the one of the largest understatements of the year.  Life seems to have been on one of those terribly busy runs leaving little to no time for me to spend in front of the computer.  The odd occasion that has seen me with nothing to do  has generally been when my poor little eyes are so tired they fail to remain open long enough to get an sentence out, let alone a decent post.

So what has been taking up all my time and leaving me feeling more than just a little exhausted?

Lots of really non exciting things like poorly children, a school fundraiser that I helped cater for, and just generally trying to keep Mount Washmore and the Leaning Towers of Dishes under control.  Throw into the mix another wonderful weekend away camping by the beach, a sixth birthday and lots of thoughts of my dad who would have turned 83 this week and your are starting to get an insight into what has been going on round here.

Madness I tell you.

Naturally detecting that my defenses were a bit low Miss Eleven has taken every opportunity to push the boundaries just a little further than normal.  Add that to the raging hormones preparing to run rampant through her little body and you can only begin to imagine the world of fun we are both experiencing at the moment.  Though in fairness to her there have been some days where she has been beyond awesome, leaving me to wonder if I have in fact created some Dr Jekyll hybrid child.  The joy of puberty I guess.

Mind you my own mind and body are so busy on their own emotional roller coaster that I am sure the rest of the family is wondering if I myself am not Mr Hyde in disguise.  Some days in the last two weeks have been really tough.  So tough that Mr Awesome even bought me home these one day.
Not exactly the most beautiful flowers but I didn't mind at all.  This was definitely one of those moments that was all about the thought.  The day he brought them home had been a particularly tough one for me.  We had spoken a couple of times that day but I didn't think I had let on just how low I was feeling.  To have him pick up on that anyway and give me these just warmed my heart no end.  No wonder I call him Mr Awesome.

Before you get the violins out for me though it has not all been doom and gloom.  In fact there have been some rather lovely little surprises along the way.  Like having a PR company ask me if I was interested in working with them.  Ah yes of course I am.  Which again may well be one of the biggest understatements of the year.  This is one mummy blogger who is only to happy to sell herself out and pretend like she has some real journalistic skills.  Stay tuned for some rather exciting interviews over the next few weeks.

With twenty minutes till school drop off time I am not exactly going to win any mother of the year awards though so I should probably snap back to reality and bundle them all off.  In the mean time though I will flog this blog With Some Grace  Head on over to check out some more great posts.


  1. I thought you'd been quiet. Its hard to keep up with it all sometimes, and hormones and sick kids do not make it any easier at all!

    Hope things settle down for you soon. Xx

    1. Thanks lovely. Just hanging for the holidays really so we can all have a chance to recuperate

  2. I am dreading the hormonal phase! I'm having enough trouble with the terrible twos.
    How exciting that a pr has been in contact! That's so cool, good for you honey! xx

  3. Yes, sometimes life just takes control and we find ourselves with very little time (or inspiration) to do what we want to do.
    Great news about the PR company, though! Exciting times to look forward to, I'm sure!

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  5. Congrats on the PR news, that's fabbo!

  6. I have a hormonal daughter, but I think she was born in that phase. I feel for you ... hang in there.


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