Saturday, June 30

The one where Julia Gillard interrupts me

When I was younger I never spent a whole lot of time dreaming of what I was going to be.  There was no aspiring doctor, vet or nurse in me.  Nor did I have a burning desire to become a lawyer, teacher or the like. I did briefly entertain the idea of mechanical engineering but then when I looked into it is seemed much more technical than I was really interested in.

From there I decided my best bet was journalism and then writing.  In terms of a "dream job" all I could come up with was being the first female PM.  However I figured someone like Natasha Stott Despoja was probably going to beat me to it though so didn't ever bother in that direction.
Natasha Stott Despoja, the woman I expected
to beat me to the title of first female PM
As it turns out I was right in that someone would beat me to it.  Just wrong in the woman.  Not that I am saying old Jules isn't the right woman either cause I am not.  I love the fact that there is a woman at the helm of this great nation.  The fact that she has red hair is even better.  Being a redhead was always something I had wanted to be.
Julia Gillard, flying the flag for women
and redheads the world over
My parents had successfully drummed into me the you will go to university concept.  I did.  Twice.  Unfortunately though two half degrees don't really add up to a complete degree, leaving me, with not a lot in the terms of formal qualifications.

*Gets up to get more coffee, put washing in machine and neatly rearrange the leaning towers of dishes that are slowly starting to build, once again.  Comes back to discover notification of new email in inbox.*

I don't know about you but if I am at the computer and I see that I have an email, I need to check it there and then.  Because you know it could be from someone really important.  There is always some chance that a publisher has come across my work and wants to write their next best seller.

As it turns out this email wasn't that kind of email.  In fact, it was none other than Julia Gillard herself.  Yep you read right.  As I am sitting here writing about her she sends me an email.  It's like we must be connected or something.  I wonder if I am on her list of influential blogging mummies.  Mr Awesome was only telling me the other night about a article he had been reading about the PM and her thoughts on the blogging woman.

While it was super sweet of him to show that he was sharing an interest with me, it was the way he thought I had heard nothing of the concept before that got me.  The irrational hormonal side of me wanted to scream Yes I know! Eden and a whole bunch of other really big bloggers got to have morning tea with her the other week.  Thankfully I kept her in check and just smiled with a thanks darl, I'll check it out later.  After all he did mean well.

Naturally the email from the PM wasn't about my blogging prowess.  Or if I could suddenly become one of her advisors.  It was actually a generic one that thousands of Australians would have received today.  In fact for some reason I received it twice.  Thank goodness emails are free hey?

Apparently some carbon tax thing comes into effect tomorrow.  Julia just want so make sure I understood how it was the right thing to be doing, blah blah blah.  My eyes did start to glaze over as disappointment set in.  Not about the tax thing mind you, about it not really being from Julia.

I guess this is one of those faceless men they harp on about at times
But enough of that for now.  I  am not sure if I want to get all political here.  Well any more political than this.  The only reason I even mentioned Julia was because the bizarreness of getting an email from or even about her while I'm typing about her made me totally lose where this post was supposed to go.
Something about helping kids realise their dreams, lacking in confidence, being unsure, who knows.  My head is just jumbled up with stuff at the moment.  Recent conversations with Mothers of Olympic champions have certainly given me a lot of food for thought.  Make sure you tune in Tuesday for the second part to Raising a champion is no easy feat.  I catch up with Pam Sullivan, mother to former world recorder holder and Olympic champion Eamon Sullivan


  1. I don't think JG has my email ...very bizarre coincidence .
    I look forward to your post. I think we are all raising champions though and doing a champion job as mothers.

    1. I was a dedicated supporter at one time and signed up for some email update thing so it's not really like she has my address either.

      I love that line about all raising champions...I think I may just have to quote you on that one. thanks for stopping by Trish, fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you


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