Friday, December 27

The top things I have known this year

So here we are on the very last Friday of the year.
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I know that I have said it before but by golly I will say it again as well. How did the time fly past so fast?

I know that the regular host for Things I Know, Miss Cinders, is off enjoying time with her family but the opportunity to blog presented itself so here I am.

I know that through out the year I have written a total of thirty Things I Know posts. Some have joined in with other linkies like FFS with Dear Baby G and FYBF with With Some Grace. Others have been where I myself was the hostess with the mostess. Which just quietly I loved and thanks for all the support from those that joined in.

I know that out of the thirty TIK posts for the year these five were the ones that were read the most.

I know that for the most part I am pretty happy with that list. Sometimes when I make these lists or look at this type of thing I cringe because the posts involved are (only in my eyes) not worthy of being there. 

I know that I am working on being less critical of myself.

I know I am going to join in with some blog flogging over at With Some Grace
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