Thursday, October 31

Things I Know About Help

Yesterday was long and exhausting. Emotionally, physically and in every other possible way. In fact it has been a recurring theme for the entire week. Possibly even longer. But  I am not complaining. In fact the only reason I bring it up is to offer some explanation to the straight to the point feel to this post. Time is always of the essence

I know that generally speaking I like helping. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to think that I could be of use to someone. Or that I have something to offer that others may need. 

Having said that though, I know I didn't stay back and help clean up after the Halloween disco at school last night. I know I am trying to convince myself an internal beating is not necessary because I did spend a few hours this afternoon making a heap of gingerbread 

I know that over years gone by I have probably done my fair share of event clean ups but when I know the ladies cleaning up like I do I can't help but feel the urge to help them out.

I know though there were plenty of helpers offering to help out on this occasion. Because this occasion also happened to be a fundraiser for a young boy at the school. He was recently diagnosed had a life threatening tumour. He has been whisked away for immediate treatment with his family told to expect to stay away for months. There is a fundraising page if you are able to spare a dollar or two. The link can be found in my sidebar

I know that discovering this is happening to a member of our school community is just heartbreaking.

I know the support and offers to help in a time like this can mean so much to a family in need.

I know that sometimes asking for help is not easing. Even accepting someones helping hand can be tough at times.

I know that sometimes letting people help you is actually a very nice thing for you to do for them. Yes you read that right. Letting someone help you can sometimes be a nice thing for you to do for someone else.

I know that when you let someone help you they generally feel needed, useful and wanted. Who doesn't want to feel like that?

I know that I just loved helping Miss Cinders out with Things I Know while she had a break.

I know that I am super excited to check out Miss C's blog post for today, it has been so long since we heard from her I just know she will have something fantastic to say!

And finally I know that I am super thankful to everyone for being so supportive and joining in the fun of Things I Know while it was here. I hope I will get you see you all still over at Miss Cinders which will now kick off on a Thursday.

So please, tell me, what do you know this week?

edited side note. When I wrote this I had no actual idea what Miss C's first post back was going to be like. It wasn't till I read it that I wished I had of worded things differently. The post is well worth a read and I hope you do.
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