Friday, June 21

It's 3 am...

Actually it is more like 7.25am but 3am is much catchier. When I thought of the title it was 5.21am and since that was only a little over two hours after 3am I figured my writers license could cover the difference. Since then however I have been prevented from writing as I have been busy mediating two over tired and preventing them from causing harm to one and other. 

Two more days to school holidays.Actually scratch that, this has taken so long to get out there is now only one day left

Maybe that should have been my title?

I can not wait for this much needed break. The monotony of school routine has almost become to much to bare. Though by monotony I think I may actually mean frustration.

Speaking of which it is now well past 3pm. Where did the day go?

Sitting here now at 3.45pm I would like to say the day flew by in a flurry of activity, leaving me feeling productive and accomplished, but that would be kinda like lying. The day slipped away in a slow motion blur of my just going through the phases of trying to get something, anything done.

Would you believe that it is now preciously 24 hours since I first sat down to type?

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Time is such a funny thing. I think about time all the time. Always have. It both fascinates and scares the bejeezes out of me at the same time. Especially as a mother. I think that once you become a mother, from that moment that little egg is fertilised and begins to grow into an embryo and beyond, time starts to take on a whole new meaning.

I can remember a time, well it was a particular night actually. Actually it was probably the early hours of the morning by the time this memory took place, but really that is all a bit irrelevant I guess. Anyway, this one time, but not band camp, in my teeny tiny smaller than the shoebox I now live in unit, my love of my life at the time got so frustrated with my obsession with all things time, that he smashed his fist right through our clock.

It was horrific. It snapped me right out of where I was (which by the way was thinking I had the power to alter time, slow seconds and all manner of crazy things)

We were clearly of altered minds during this time. Something that I am not necessarily proud of but it is what it is. Or rather it is what is was. We were young and stupid and thinking we were living life. The upside to all of this is that when it comes to discussing drugs and alcohol with the girls I will have a little more to offer than what some brochure or book has to say.

But as always I digress a little.

I have had the following floating around for a month or two. It is written on the scrappiest piece of paper you ever did see. Children have doodled on it, the bird has poohed on the corner and my hand writing is so rushed and messy that it is all barely legible anyway.

Mr Awesome has gone to throw it out numerous times. Thankfully I have been able to save it just in time. I don't blame him really it does look like rubbish. On the surface at least. To me it is something else though. What I am not sure, I just know I want to be able to come back and read it whenever I want.

And now I can.

It's funny how moments just slip us by.
Moments that could be savoured forever. 
Moments that should be saved forever, slip by our hands almost like sands through the hourglass.
Seconds that just tick tock past quicker than we know.
Faster than what we can really see.
Taken and enjoyed all within an instant.
A heart beat before it is done.
Life offers so much more than what we think it holds.

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