Tuesday, June 18

Happiness is...

Given the somewhat somber mood around here of late I thought that I would see if I could spark a bit of happiness and brighten things up a bit. Even though I generally like to think of myself as a Little Miss Positive always able to see the silver lining, there are times where the clouds of sadness are so dark that there is not even the slightest inkling of silver to be seen anywhere.

Thankfully though those days quickly pass and before long I can feel my happiness start to replenish. Sometimes rather than wait for my happiness to to refill itself I take steps to make it happen a little quicker.
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So in no particular order here is a collection of some of the things that help me create my happiness.

  • Listening to my favourite tunes. The tunes vary between a range performers and includes the likes of Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Paul McCartney, and the Bee Gees. I actually have a playlist called Rhianna's soothing soul music with a few others thrown in as well but I wont bore you with all the details.
  • Pulling a few Angel or Fairy cards. They always know the right thing to say and help me think my thoughts over.
  • Going for a run. Need I say more? Those endorphins are for real and I love 'em!
  • Hanging with Mr Awesome
  • Sitting by the ocean
  • Getting some extra sleep
  • Blogging/writing
  • Cleaning. Yep I really did just say that. While I may not actually like the process, the end result from cleaning the kitchen or getting on top of all the washing does leave me quite filled with happiness.
  • Actively look for rays of hope and sunshine
  • Do something I think would make someone else happy. You know like bake them some cupcakes.
Naturally things like getting a massage, going on a shopping spree, having a night out, bubble baths, and all the other cliched happiness creators would also all work but I don't really do any of those. Perhaps if we had a bath I would give that a go, a steaming hot shower has been known to bring a smile on more than one occasion so I am sure a bath would work as well.

So what is it that helps you create happiness 
when you need it most?

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