Monday, March 18

I must confess I am more than just a little excited

As I write this I am feeling incredibly grown up and all kinds of excitement with just the littlest hint of nerves.

This is me sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to depart.

Yes that's right, my plane I am finally off on my highly anticipated adventure to the big city of Sydney for the Digital Parents Conference 2013. Adding to the excitement of it all is that I get to spend two glorious days with my sister and her adorable son.

Total squeeeeeeee!!!!

There are all kinds of things that I have wanted to share with you before now. Things about how I feel leaving my children for almost the first time ever. Prior to this the only times I have ever really been away have seen me come home with a babe in arms. There will be no babe in arms after this adventure though I assure you of that. Those days are done and dusted.

I have also been meaning to tell you about what I was doing this time fourteen years ago. Life was certainly a lot different to what it is today.

Sadly though I must confess that I have just not found the time. And quite frankly I am not sure when I will. All in good time though as I a sure that I will find. I do after all essentially have the week to myself. Well I don't have the needs of children to tend to. Just quietly there, I confess I am especially excited about that!

This may or may not end up linking with the lovely Kirsty over at My Home TruthsAll just depends how much fun I am having in ol Sydney town I guess

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses