Friday, February 17

Why I Keep Flogging My Blogging

It feels like forever since I just sat and wrote.  You know that soul searching, deep, meaningful writing that just stirs the heart and pulls at strings.  The free unstructured stuff that just flows and flows.  Which is ironic really, as it appears as if I may have just managed, to almost grasp this whole posting regular concept.  Naturally this is a wonderful thing.

Only the writing that has been coming out has not been the stuff that I want to write.  I mean on some levels it has been.  It's not like what I am writing has been untrue or not meant but it was stuff I made myself write just so I was writing.  Just so I had something to post in the hope it might attract a few more readers.  For as much as I dearly long to be a famous author, making the time to write is sometimes easier said than done.  Finding the time when the ideas and words are ready to flow is of course another thing altogether.

Mind you the fact that I don't actually know what it is I want to write doesn't particularly help matters either.  For some reason I need constant gratification from what I write.  Not necessarily people commenting all the time but just knowing that people are taking the time to at least click on a link and start to read me...

Right now though I really am just trying to concentrate on writing...(she says as she drifts off to Klout to check out her popularity status there)  No really.  I just need to keep on writing. 

Thankfully though I do feel I have a bit of a knack for entertaining so I am confident if I just keep plodding along all will fall into place.  Every now and then and sometimes even more, I manage to come up with something that shows me I am still heading in the right direction.  I just need to remember to keep on going.

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There are just so many distractions though remaining focused sometimes takes more dedication than I can find.  Perhaps in the not to distant future I will make that matter?

It won't be easy though when there are things like this floating around

procrastination photo: Procrastination Procrastination.jpg
Found here

I couldn't help but get a giggle out of it.  That sums me up to a tee.  Or at least the old me.  The new and slightly improved me that is currently in the process of developing, will not be a procrastinator.  She will be a decisive go-getter that writes awesome books that people the world over want to read.  That way Hubs, the kids and I can go and travel this wide brown land and come up with even more amazing things to write about.


Everyone's gotta dream right?  Well that's mine.

In the meantime I will just keep on flogging my blogging because just between me and you, I know the best is yet to come.  I can just feel it.  I am like a good wine, I just keep getting better with age.

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