Friday, February 24

The Week That Was

So I have just spent the last half hour writing what I liked to think of as a rather witty and insightful look at the week that was, only to have it just disappear on me. Gone. Pfft just like that. Words of wisdom essentially just washed down the drain before their time. Brilliance laying wasted at the bottom of a pool of nothingness no longer to be viewed by anyone.

But I won't dwell on what could have been. It came out once, it may very well come out again. I am nothing if not eternally optimistic.

So what was this brilliance which the iPad ripped out of my hands and threw out to sea, never to be read?

Well it started with recommending to those who had not yet made the wise choice to follow this wonderful little blog to do so. There are multiple options over in the side bar so you can take your pick. That way you will never miss another word of my wisdom again.

In terms of writing greatness I feel that the past week has been right up there. Sure it is still some steps away from a Nobel prize or a Pulitzer or whatever a flash writing award might be called these days, but there has still been some flashes of pure brilliance.

It all started on Friday when I explained why I keep flogging my blogging. (Which can I just say the words flogging my blogging get a chuckle out of me every time I say them.). It was almost like that post freed something within me as from there things just got better and better.

Sure I might not have actually written what I was going to make matter on Monday but I have spent the entire week thinking about it. What's more and possibly more importantly, I have been making lots of things actually matter. Like writing and running, as well as giving the girls (especially the big one) some one on one time where they have my undivided attention. Which means come Monday I should have something wonderful written about it all. I did however manage to get something out so that if others had something that they wanted to make matter there was a space for them to link up. As it turned out two awesome people did just that.

From here though my week just went on to bigger and better bloggy highlights. Sure I wasn't interviewed by the Today show (I must have missed their call) but for this lil wanna be blogger the beautiful comments and support felt this week has been a bit nice.  As have the slightly higher than normal page views.

I had planned a post to commemorate the 70th Bombing of Darwin but it never quite happened. Given then significance of the event I was actually going to do a bit of research and all sorts of wonderful things but unfortunately I never quite got there. I did however get to share some photos from the ceremony I went to on the weekend. And there is always a chance that the post I had in mind will eventuate at some point in the not too distant future.

What I did do though was give thanks to a life of lost love. One of my most favorite posts in a very long time. I am also a little fond of a moment of bliss. In between it all I had a bit of a funny feeling. Which didn't quite come out the way it was in my head but certainly has something in it.

All in all a pretty fab blogging week (even if I do say so myself). Stay tuned though because the best is yet to come.  If you didn't go and sign up to be a follower, or subscribe by email or whatever it is you do to keep in touch with your favourite blogs go and do so now.  You won't regret.  I promise, greatness is just round the corner.

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  1. Glad your comments are up today - often they aren't which does make it a little difficult to leave a comment. It is good to reflect on the past and learn from what we did right as well as what didn't go quite as well as expected !
    Have a great weekend !

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I am having problems with my comments, I have to remember to turn them on and I am more than a little forgetful at times :)

  2. Does sound like a good week of blogging! Go you. And the Today show is overrated anyway :) Visiting from FYBF x

  3. Yay it's always great to have a good blogging week :) I love getting comments to so I understand the feeling when you do actually get comments and support heh

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes it is nice to know there are others out there that can relate

  4. Sounds like you are nicely on track. Shame about the words of wisdom being flushed away- that's mostly what happens to mine too lol.

    Here from FYBF

    1. Yes it is always the best stuff that gets accidentally deleted!

  5. The bombing of Darwin is such an amazing event in Australia's history. I don't think Katherine commemorates it quite like Darwin does, but I know it had a few bombs dropped on it too. And unless the floods have wiped them out, there used to be several craters around when I was growing up as a memory to them. I know not everyone cares about WWII and the big part it played in our country's development, I guess growing up in a family with it's own miltary history has made me very appreaciative of it all. Sigh, now I'm getting homesick.

  6. Ylur writing has been absolutely brilliant of late, and I'm glad those stats are reflecting it!

    Keep flogging your bloggin Rhi; you're eternal optimism is sure today off! :)


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