Sunday, February 26

I'm Sorry

Image from Yaroslav B

I'm sorry for what's been and done.  
Even though it's all been seen before.
I'm sorry for what I am, where I've gone, 
and all the times I let it go wrong as well.

I'm sorry I'm the way I am.  
What more is there to say?
This is just the way I am.  
The way I tend to be.

I guess you could say, it is, just me.  

I know I say there's a better me...I guess we'll wait and see.
Who's to know and who's to say just what it takes for me to be me.

I'd like to say I try to be my very best, but honestly it is a little less.
But that's ok, I've heard them say, just take it day by day.
Tomorrow is another chance.  A second try to do it all again.
And one that I will take.

For as sorry as I say I am, I'm also not sorry at all.
I love the way I am and who I'm going to be.

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  1. Never be sorry for the way you are - you rock! xxx

    1. Thanks lovely! So do you. Hurry and blog some more xx

  2. I love the way you are too...and I'm looking forward to sharing a little bit of your journey with you! :)

  3. "I love the way I am and who I'm going to be" - I love that you squashed any self doubt with this last comment xx

  4. Thanks for popping by my post and sharing.
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  5. We love the way you are too, Rhi! What a positive end to your post.

  6. I like this one, little bit different and very creative and well written.

  7. Don't change; who you are is awesome.


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