Tuesday, February 28

I was, I am, I meant to...I didn't

I was going to be super organised.  Though quite frankly they feel like famous last words.  Perhaps organisation is actually more of a myth than reality.  Or at least that is the way it is for this little black duck.

I am trying to take my writing to a higher level.  Well at least last week I was.  In fact last week was so good that I even had one of my posts shared through Google.  Which was like the first time ever I have been aware of such a thing happening.  You can only imagine what sort of awesome that left me feeling.

This week I haven't been able to even spit anything out regardless of a level.  I keep looking back at last week thinking gee that was good, that is what I need to do all the time.  Only I didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  I just sat down, wrote and got lucky.

Mind you it wasn't all roses last week.

I meant to write a post to share some of my proud mummy moments.
I meant to also write about birthing and breastfeeding.
I meant to share some more of my favourite songs.
I meant to do a whole lot more than I actually did.

Remember that little meme that Karlee started last year, you know Me & YOU?  Yes the one that she handed over to me and I added my own little twist to make it Me & YOU, Making IT Matter.  The one that I didn't really post much for last week.  The one that so far this week I have posted even less for.   The one that not surprisingly not many people have ever joined in for.  Yep that one.

Anyway, just because I haven't actually posted about making stuff matter it is not to say I haven't been busy actually making stuff matter.  Last week wasn't just great for writing it also saw me donning my Brooks and running.  Well starting a running program that by the end of it should see me running 5km like there's no tomorrow.  I feel awesome.  Strong, powerful and heading towards fitness.  I say heading towards fitness because I am pretty sure gasping for breath after a 90 second slow run (or fast jog for the optimists out there) is not exactly what you would call fit.

So where does that leave me now I wonder?

Well, I did think about just saying see you later to Make it Matter, but I can't.  You see I need it.  I need to be constantly reminded to make things matter.  I need to have a space where I feel I am accountable for my actions, or in some cases lack there of.  For some reason blogging about my housework has actually encouraged me to do more of it.  While I can relate to Veronica finding her inspiration in grit and grime, for me words tend to flow faster when there is a clear walkway from the front to the back door.

For a while it did bother me that the only way I seemed to make myself a better housewife was by blogging, but life is all about the positive right? So what if the only way I can motivate myself to get the mundane, yet important and necessary out the way is by putting it in the blogosphere where potentially millions might read it?  But then I realised that the reality is I'll be lucky if a thousand people read it and at least we won't be living in squalor.

Enough of that though.  I can see me heading towards a pity party and nobody wants to go there.

Where nobody does want to go however remains a bit of a mystery.  One that is still waiting to be unraveled.  Hopefully I can discover it before anyone else, write about it and get the thousands, if not millions of views I spoke of earlier.  In the meantime I'll just keep babbling along here and hoping for the best.

It's Tuesday and I have blogged (go me) and go all the other IBOTers that have joined in over at
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  1. I dont think there is anything wrong with babbling along and hoping for the best! I'm pretty sure thats what most of us end up doing despite our sophisticated plans and goals! :)

  2. Nothing wrong with creating a little peer pressure for yourself.
    I'm very tempted to chicken out on my cray hair cut, but he fact that I have blogged on it makes me determined to go through with it!
    Organisation doesn't just happen overnight either. It's a step by step process. Organize one area of your life, and then worry about the rest.

  3. I've seen so many people succeed using the C25K program. Good luck!!

  4. You will become addicted to running so keep at it! I love it. My knees don't so much but that's another story. But be kind to yourself too... you're only human and up and down weeks are what make us real. xo


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