Monday, February 13

Me & YOU Monday Making IT Matter

Hello and welcome to another Me & YOU Monday where we Make it Matter.   
My name's Rhianna and I am your hostest with the mostest (even if I do say so myself).   
Seriously though I want to thank you for taking the time to have a read 
I really hope that you take the opportunity to find something in your life 
that you want to make matter and join in.  

So here we are again.  Monday morning fresh and bright ready to face the day.  Only it is not Monday morning.  It is Sunday night as I write and I am far from fresh, bright and ready to start the day.  Even when it gets here in some eight hours or what ever it is I am not sure if I will be ready for it.  It is one of those weekends where I wouldn't mind another day.  Only I also wouldn't mind if it were a day without children.  At least for some of it.

Don't get me wrong I love the little rascals, but they are just so darn good at getting me to stop doing the things I really want to be doing, that every now and then I think of them disappearing for an hour or six.  Now I know that school nicely provides that opportunity.  At least for the older two but getting ready for school brings with it a whole kettle of fish that most days I could do without.

Last week The School Routine was what I was meant to make matter.  There was meant to be no lateness or rushing.  It was meant to be calm and orderly with nutritious lunches neatly packed and waiting to be carried out the door.  Oh and did I mention the made beds?

I do get a huge tick for the lunch factor.  Everybody was very well feed last week and it felt great.  Having the chicken already cooked and sliced ready and waiting to be made into a delicious wrap each day made life rather easy.  As was the stack of muffins I had made and frozen.  I am starting to understand why so many mothers are raving about this kind of organisation.

Sadly though we were not exactly free from rushing or being late.  Compared to last years efforts there is a massive improvement but there is still plenty of room to keep on going.  The homework factor never really took off either.  Miss Z happily read her reader each day which is all that was being asked of so I guess I can't complain much there but Miss L is another story.

Apparently there is still another week or two to go before her homework contract will be ready for me to sign.  There seems to be much discussion as to whether primary students really need homework.  I can see both sides but I think I am in support of at least some type of homework.

Dinner, bath and bed for all children by 8 hasn't really been working out too badly but it didn't exactly happen each and every night.  Though it has not been far off the mark and a definite improvement from times gone by.  The girls are slowly adjusting to the life of a routine.  I know that if I keep at it it won't be long till it is second nature.

However I was so busy trying to make this matter that other things got slightly overlooked.  As I write there is a small mountain of washing waiting to be folded.  It has quietly been growing for a few days now.  Thankfully though there is not much to wash.  A load at the most.

The dishes by the sink are washed and just waiting to be put away so the kitchen is fairly under control.  Mind you, there were a few days when coming downstairs to make the morning coffee was simply frightful because of the state that the kitchen had been left in the night before.

I haven't felt nearly together as I did the week before.  There were odd glimpses a couple of days where it felt like I had everything under control but there were only glimpses and mostly rather fleeting.  I didn't get nearly as much blogging done as what I would like to do.  In fact for the first time in probably months I didn't take time on Thursday to be thankful.  For the second week running I didn't know things on Friday either.

I must remember it is all about small steps and not getting defeated when the steps feel like they are going backwards.  I can do this.  I can make the change that I desire.

What about YOU?  
What is the change that you desire?  
What is it in your life that you want to MAKE MATTER?


  1. I hear you! sometimes I feel desperate for some time to myself too...Sounds like you are making great progress on your school routine goals. Rome wasn't built in a day and the small changes will add up!

    1. Yes I must remember that I am trying to change some pretty ingrained habits. Thanks for joining in it really means a lot.

  2. Keep working on the small steps and they will all come together for you in the end !

    Hang in there and have a fantastic week !

    1. Thanks! It is not so much the size of the steps as the direction they take. Hope your week was awesome


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