Monday, February 20

Me & YOU Monday - Making IT Matter

Hello and welcome to another Me & YOU Monday where we Make it Matter.   
My name's Rhianna and I am your hostest with the mostest (even if I do say so myself).   
Seriously though I want to thank you for taking the time to have a read 
I really hope that you take the opportunity to find something in your life 
that you want to make matter and join in. 

Last week I came up with a list of things that I want to make matter.  There were ten in total.  All fairly simple but if given enough time, thought and effort they can (at least in my mind) be monumental life changes that will lead me down the path I believe I want to be walking (or at least try walking down and take it from there).

I know that one of the main ideas of making things matter is to just focus on one thing at a time but I needed to put the list out there so I can remain, or perhaps rather regain some focus.  Ideally I want to be at the place where all of those things matter naturally without too much of a second thought.  That way I can be concentrating on making other things matter as well.

Right now though my mind is just bursting at the seams with ideas on how I can nurture this beautiful little baby of a meme.  I know that it has potential.  I know that if I stick with it one day it will be something special that bloggers the world over will want to join in.

What I don't know is how to actually go about that.  

Back to how I went last week.  On the whole I didn't do too badly with making the items on the list matter last week.  I by no means got 10/10 which is not such a bad thing as if I aced it all straight away I would have nothing to write about.  What I did though was realise I am not too far off the mark either.  I just need to keep plugging away.  I am fairly certain that I am pointed in the right direction I just need to gather a bit of strength and speed to pull me along.

Anyway enough about me, what about YOU?  What is it in your life that you want to make matter?

I hope that you will come and join in, it is super, super easy.
  1. Have a look at your life 
  2. Find something that you want to make matter a little more
  3. Spend a week (or more) consciously making it matter a little more
  4. Blog about it
  5. Share the post here
  6. Tell all your friends and get them to do the same, tweeting about it as you go


  1. Thank you for your comment, Rhianna. I'll be back to read some more of your posts later. So many little time.

  2. This is great. I hope my post fits in, I have linked up but if it's not what you're looking for feel free to delete it.

    1. Your post is perfect Becky, thanks so much for joining in


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