Thursday, February 16

Thankful Thursday - The Powers That Be

This is one of those posts that I have had in my head for well over a week now.   I have mentally written it more times than I care to count.  Do you think I could remember any of it when I actually sat down to write it?

Made worse only by the fact when I sat down to write it I thought, this shouldn't take too long given how much I have been thinking about it.  Talk about famous last words.

I am not sure whether it was noticed or not, but last week was the first in a very long time that failed to see me be thankful on a Thursday.  I have mentioned on numerous occasions how smitten I am with the notion of consciously taking the time to think about giving thanks.  As a society as a whole I think we are becoming too expectant of what we are given.  Kate's wonderful link up ensures that each and every week (nearly) I take the time to consciously think about just how god dam blessed I really am.

So far this year I have been more than pleased with the regularity of my blogging and while it is primarily posts that link up with others in an effort to increase in my coverage at least the posts are coming and for that I am truly thankful.  However regular blogging is what you might call time consuming, especially as part of the linky love is taking the time to read all (or at least some) of the other blogs joining in.  Which is one of the reasons why last week I was postless on Thursday.  That and the fact I just couldn't decide what I wanted to be thankful for.

You see more often that not when I go to write this posts I just want to give thanks for my life.  I really feel incredibly blessed.  How could I not?  Without an inkling of a doubt I am married to the man of my dreams.  I have three wonderful children, plenty of food on our table and roof over our heads that will hopefully one day belong to us as opposed to sharing ownership with the bank.  And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Only I am pretty sure that each and every week you don't want to read about me going on about how awesome my life is.  That could possibly get a bit boring for both you and me.  As such I like to write about special things I am thankful for.  Which is sort of why there was no post last week.  I just couldn't think of anything special to give thanks for.  Well that was until Friday.  On Friday it dawned on me, I need to give thanks to the powers that be.  After all they are the ones behind the life that I have.

Only it was no longer Thursday.  I am not sure why my pretty little head thinks that I can only post a Thankful Thursday but it does.  In the bid to be super organised I decided that I would keep this brilliant idea for the following week.  I was pretty excited about having so much time to think about it.  As it turns out all that time was perhaps not so much of a blessing.

Anyway back to today and finally making the time to sit down and give thanks to the powers that be.

The ones that kept my house keys safe when they were sitting at the mailbox for days.
The ones that help me get my favourite car parks almost every time.
The ones that seem to send me unexpected money when I need it most.
The ones that change the plans I make because they know there is a better path for me to walk.
The ones that have helped in so many ways over the years that I happily trust them to guide and direct my life.

Of course it is not always roses.  There are times when they leave me scratching my head and wondering why they are doing things the way they do.  In the end though it all comes together and for that I am more than truly thankful.

What about you?  Do trust your fate to the powers that be or are you the controlling force?

Head over to Kate Says Stuff to see what others are thankful for this Thursday.


  1. Hi Rhianna,
    I must admit I find it a challenge to trust the powers that be, it makes me anxious! I am a control freak. Love reading your posts as always :)

    1. Thanks Kyrstie x My mother was very controlling which I think turned me the complete opposite. At least for some things. ;)

  2. I've learnt to trust the universe now! I owe that to my eldest at least!
    Ok, so there are still "some" things I'd love to be able to have some control over... but I figure I'm much more easy going these days. ;)

    1. That is great to hear. All it takes is a little faith. Thanks for stopping by

  3. I noticed ;) And I think whenever you feel like giving thanks you should no matter what the day of the week.

    Much love matey xox

    1. Absolutely Kate! Any day is a good day to be thankful. Without sounding all numbers obsessed I didn't want to post in on the Friday as I thought it was going to be one of those earth shattering special posts that needed as much exposure as possible lol.

  4. Hats off girl!Like you, I'm also a Mom, working from 8-5 and a blogger as well.Common denominators huh!
    Keep writing!

  5. I am loving this post!!! :)


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