Monday, February 6

The School Routine

For my Me & YOU Monday, making IT matter this week, I have decided to concentrate on The School Routine.

This is Miss L's last year at primary school.  Next year she moves on to middle school and I want to make sure that she is adequately prepared in terms of study skills and habits.  There will be enough distractions as it is without having to find time to learn how to study and learn.

Miss Z is in year one this year and I am thinking that in order to avoid this last minute panic study thing I have with her sister I am going to start instilling the art of learning in her now.  Plus past experience has shown that if I want the big one to do things that she thinks are jobs or work or not fun then it is best to include the younger ones as much as possible.  She hates to think of the little ones missing out.

The School Routine is pretty straightforward really and based pretty much on common sense.  At the moment it is a case of some of these things happening some of the time.  I am making it matter so that all of these things occur all of the time (or at least close to it)

Be dressed and ready to leave the house by 8am.  This includes breakfast to have been eaten by all, including myself.  Lunches will also need to be sorted before this point and ideally beds should all me made and teeth brushed with the same to be said of hair.

After school homework, or at least reading, though preferably both, should take place.  Not wanting to be too pushy, this can occur after snacks and a bit of relaxation time.

Once hubs arrives home from work we are to set off for our evening exercise.  Followed by returning home for dinner, bath and bed all by 8pm.  (Sounds rather dreamy really)

There is no room here for morning television, and even afternoon viewings are to be strictly limited.

In some ways it all sounds rather easy, does it not?
In others though it is hard for this not to overwhelm me.
Especially when I think of all the other things that I secretly want to make matter as well.

Things that I am too scared to write or say aloud.  The ones between the lines.
Like all the mentions of food also come with an unspoken expectation of being super healthy this and best for you that.  

You know, all those extra pressures that mothers are so good at creating for themselves.  Some justified and based on past experience and some nothing more than a figment of their imagination.

The world will not end if these unrealistic and unachievable goals are not attained, but continual failure eventually gets hard to take.  However the joy of success is a wonderful thing.  It builds pride and strength and all number of things.  It is what drives one to try.

I need to make sure I keep my success rate high, so motivation is never lost.  So that I keep on keeping on.  Moving forward towards the brighter.  The place where this is all second nature and we are free to accomplish more.  Live more.

Getting a good school routine established early on in the term will set the precedent for the rest of the year.  Ensuring that the kidlets are rested and well fed will establish optimum learning potential during times of stimulation.

Have you got something that you want to make matter?  

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  1. Yes! Homework is often a deplorable chore around here. Both my boys are of an age where they require me to participate fully in the homework: listening to them read, testing them on their spelling, guiding them on the computer if they have to use it for research. Meanwhile the dinner is waiting to be cooked, and I want them to have some time to go outside to play before they are too old to enjoy it. They purposefully give me silly answers to questions and generally waste my time while doing homework. It is frustrating.

    The morning routine is guided by a chart they have to tick off as they complete the tasks involved in getting ready, but they still neglect to even look at the chart half the time. I spend all my mornings nagging.

    I don't know what I started out to say with this comment, but I think it's that I can relate.


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