Friday, September 16

Things I know

"The time has come the walrus said, to speak of many things"

Well maybe not to speak of many things, and certainly not shoes and ships and ceiling wax as the next line of the poem would go.  Instead it is time to share once again the Things I Know

I know I am once again more than pleased it is Friday.  Though since this Friday entails an early morning start, followed by a full day's conference with DD3 in tow, this Friday may not be all the fun and games that a Friday is normally cracked up to be.

I know that I am pretty stoked with the fact that the school has asked me to be a part of it's well being group and as such I get to go to conference's like today.  I also know  that I think it is wonderful such conferences are happy for me to take DD3 with me.

I know that I think it is pretty cool to start each paragraph not only in italics but also with the same words. Just one of the many reasons why TIK is just awesome, as is Shae for hosting it.

I know that there are still two whole weeks left of school before the holidays are finally here.  I know that one week is not nearly long enough but I am not really complaining as the four week break in the middle of the year overrides it all.

I know that when I was checking in on Blogger stats last night I was disappointed to see only a tiny increase since last time I checked in.  However I know that the two comments that had been left in that time made up for it as they were two of the best comments I have received in a very long time.  It certainly reminded me that it is not about how many but who. (Click here to read the comments)

I know that I really want to change my comment section so that I can reply to people personally and also so they have the opportunity to leave a link back to their last post.  I know that I don't really know the best way to go about it and that even when it is a change I want for and desire that change still makes me a little uncomfortable in one way or another.

I know  that lately I seem to be thinking a lot more about my father.  That is probably just because of impending anniversary...

I know this is probably enough for one post (cue crying child to confirm)

So what do you know?

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