Tuesday, April 16

Big day at the office

Actually it is going to be a big couple of days at the office. Today and tomorrow will see some super exciting things happen in my little part of the world.
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Today I have been a mother for 4382 days. Which makes tomorrow Miss Eleven's twelfth birthday. Told you super exciting things were happening.

It is hard to believe that this time twelve years ago I was not so patiently waiting for my little bundle of joy to make her appearance. Like most mothers to be I can still clearly remember those first early signs that indicated labour was underway. I was particularly relived as it meant that I had managed to closely escape a greatly unwanted induction.

From the moment I felt the first twinge to the moment my darling first born appeared was a little over twenty four hours. With my then partner and I spending only the last eight hours at the hospital. At the tender age of 23 I knew nothing other than having a baby was natural and I would take it all in my stride.

Which is pretty much how it all went in the end, save for the few moments where I said I had had enough and wanted to go home. I am sure all labouring mothers go through that though.

So how are we celebrating the arrival of my eldest child all those years ago?

We are off to watch a man swim with a crocodile.

Mind you it is not just any old man that we will be watching.

It will be this rather lovely man

To say I am beyond excited is the understatement of the year. At this point in time my mind is still blank in regards to what I might actually say. I am hoping that when the time comes auto pilot will kick in and I will wing through it with the grace and poise that I so often wish for.

In case you hadn't heard Samuel Johnson is riding his unicycle across this great nation in a bid to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. It is a twelve month journey that will see him pedal himself some 15 000km and hopefully raise one million dollars for cancer research.

Check out the Love Your Sister Facebook page for all the latest on what is happening.

For now though it is Tuesday and I have blogged. Which means only one thing. 

Joining with all the fun that is
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